Some organizations are lucky, aren’t they? They post positions and receive hundreds of responses, more than any human can handle. Therefore, they ask the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) engineers to create screens to narrow the field. Euphemistically, the ATS companies’ marketing group calls those systems “powered by AI.” What is the only problem? The systems are purely powered by Key Word searches, not artificial intelligence. I refer to it as Artificial, Artificial Intelligence. Where did everything go wrong?

What Went Wrong?

Poorly written Job Descriptions are the primary reason that Job Postings receive hundreds of responses. Why? If they do not represent the responsibilities well enough, Everyone feels they can do the job, especially if they are getting desperate.  How many times have you read a job description and wondered what the expected deliverables are for the next 12 months?

With over 40 years of Expert Professional Recruiting experience, I have read thousands of job descriptions and wondered, “What does this job truly entail?” Desperate candidates looking for a job will apply to almost any position within their industry that has some light hint that they can “Do The Job.” Maybe they could eventually do the job. Is that what the hiring manager is looking for? Most likely – NO!

What Do Job Descriptions Have To Do With The Sales Process?

Everything! The Job Description is the Foundation of the SALES Process called Recruiting or Talent Acquisition in the vernacular of some companies. Once a company decides that it needs a new Sales Vice President, what does it do? First, the position needs to be signed off by the Executives. Second, someone (hopefully, not the Human Resource Department) creates a Job Description. The 3 month, 6 month, 9 month, and 12 month goals need to be set by the person this VP reports to. Why? This is the person who grades the new VP on their performance. If you do not know what expectations you have for this position in 12 months, how will you determine if they met or exceeded expectations at the end of 12 months?

This Job Description is the keystone of a company’s search.  The keywords are nice, but not necessarily an accurate way of determining a candidate’s potential fit for a position. Are you aware that there are over 30 different titles for a SALES Position? If a candidate writes “Business Developer” on a post requiring a “Sales Professional”, they will be dinged by the ATS, despite possibly otherwise be a perfect fit.

This Does Not Sound Like Sales

In every process, there is a foundation. The Job Description is the Foundation of getting this Sales Process right. This second step in the sales process is creating a solution to fit a potential client’s need. For instance, rubber tires were created by Harvey Firestone’s relationship with Henry Ford. Then Firestone was able to sell millions of dollars of tires to the auto manufacturers, and then to the public who needed replacement tires. This is the same for creating a requisition for an employee opening.

Why Sales Instead of Human Resources?

The balance of the Recruiting Process mirrors the balance of the Sales Process perfectly. Does the Human Resource Department typically hire Sales Professionals to recruit for your company?  Typically not. Most HR Departments hire administrative or compliance professionals to recruit. Why? All the other functions in HR are Compliance or Administrative. They need to hire people that they may be able to promote once their Recruiting tour ends. How many Compliance officers have led their Companies in Sales? Very, Very few – if any.

A successful Recruiting Department should be managed by a VP of Operations. Operations feel pain when HR cannot deliver the best candidates. Give Operations the Recruiting Budget and the ability to hire successful Recruiters. Operations have Sales Managers to manage their recruiting Sales Staff. A Sales Manager would be better able to manage the Sales Staff called Recruiting than an administrative or compliance professional.

Recruiting is Not Magic. It is Focused, Hard Work.

Talent Attraction is Better than Talent Acquisition!

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