Employee 5.0

Employee 5.0: Secrets of a Successful Job Search in the New World Order
Secure Your Next Career in 12 Proven Steps

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Do you feel stuck in a cycle of unsatisfying jobs or find yourself unemployed in today’s competitive market? Let veteran recruiter Bill Humbert take you to the next level with Employee 5.0. His simple 12-step system combines expert advice, and a fresh perspective to get you from a layoff to a new job in just 90 days.

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A Deeper Look: Giving YOU the Power to Own Your Career

Employee 5.0  isn’t just about finding your next job. It’s about how to take back your career from corporations and companies more than happy to let you float along without any momentum or direction. It’s about the skills you need to keep your job search on simmer – how to be ready at any moment to embrace the best opportunities as they come.


If you’re ready to transform your job search, join Bill Humbert on this 12-step journey to becoming a savvy, modern employee who’s in control and unintimated by today’s job market. As a veteran recruiter with over 30 years of experience, he’ll teach you how to:


  • Manage the grief and other psychological effects of a major job change
  • Decide where to focus as you create empowering goals
  • Create a résumé to stand out in today’s automated application process
  • Develop meaningful relationships as you network with others
  • Impress potential employers during interviews
  • Negotiate your salary with confidence and clarity


Each chapter is designed to attract a job offer – or offers –  in just 90 days. Bill’s expert advice will not only pump you up about your future job opportunities but help you gain a better understanding of what it means to build a career in the 21st century. As he states in the introduction of Employee 5.0...


“Treat your job search as work. It is hard work. The search is worth it if you find a job where you can make positive, measurable impacts doing the things that you really enjoy. As we work through your search by using this book, you will see progress towards reaching your goals.”


Stop sending out résumés to automated systems that will never reply to you. Don’t wait any longer for a company to define your worth. Get your copy of Employee 5.0 today and discover a new path to the career you deserve.

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"Several years ago,  I was laid off from my position with a Fortune 500 company. With Bill's support, I landed a fantastic opportunity within 90 days of starting my search."

- Sheri Watkins

key takeaways

  • Learn to take control of the career you want, including goals, growth, and path
  • Develop stronger networking skills by increasing your LinkedIn presence and more
  • Discover the secrets to creating a stand-out résumé that lands you interviews
  • Impress interviewers with confident answers to even the toughest questions
  • Prove your worth through simple salary negotiation strategies and tips

Employee 5.0 Secrets Of A Successful Job Search In The New World Order
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"I found myself unemployed at 60. My job search led me to Bill Humbert, and within a short period of time I had my pick of offers and found myself back in the game."

- Brian Peterson

Proper Goal Setting to Reach Success

“When you set goals, it is important to consider all the elements of a goal. This is a key step for Employee 5.0. I recommend that you use the word -SCAMPS- to remember the required elements to succeed:

  • S – Specific/Strategy: your goal needs to be specific for you to visualize successfully reaching your goal. Once you visualize it, you need to create a strategy to attain your goal.
  • C – Challenging: Challenging goals spur you to action. You are excited to work on them. Your brain loves a challenge!
  • A – Attainable: While they need to be challenging, you must also believe that you can successfully attain goals. Otherwise, you will not work to succeed because your brain says, “You know you can’t do this!”
  • M – Measurable: The steps to completing a goal must be measurable. It is important to know every day the steps that you need to take toward achieving your goal. If the goal is not measurable, how will you determine your required hourly/daily tasks?
  • P – Public: You need to let people who support you know that you set the goal. They will ask for progress reports. This step provides accountability. Do not bother telling people you know will throw cold water on your goals. How would that help you? Talk with positive people.
  • S – Set End Date: Once you have created a goal, it is important to set your completion date. This step, tied to the measurable steps, enables you to determine what actions you need to take daily to achieve your goal. This second S is the bungee cord that ties all the steps together with the first S.

Be the winning Candidate at the right time

Bill Humbert has deep knowledge of the modern job market, and created a systematic 12-step approach that meets the challenges of finding meaningful employment in the sea of distraction that is online job portals and postings…


If you follow his plan you can count on three outcomes:

  1. You will develop skills that will help you identify, communicate and foster productive relationships from a position of confidence.
  2. You will gain valuable insight from the scheduled course of interactions – increasing your knowledge of markets, industries and companies (key information for interviews).
  3. You will uncover positions when they are *true opportunities* – before they hit the online boards (if they ever do).

"Bill generously shares his knowledge and insights and truly wants to see everyone succeed. I have appreciated Bill’s honesty, professionalism and willingness to be involved with activities to better the HR Community and the Job Seeker Community."

- DaLayne Williamson, SHRM-SCP
Talent Sourcing Specialist at MediRevv

Bill Humbert

Talent Attraction Consultant

Bill Humbert

Talent Attraction Speaker

Nationally known as an engaging speaker, expert talent attraction consultant, and career transition professional with 2 published books (third book soon to be available via pre-sales), Bill is looking forward to meeting you!

He has talent attraction experience since 1981, contributing to the success of companies by attracting top talent – and training clients to attract top talent after his engagement is complete. Bill’s talent attraction consultant business is unique within the United States. Bill works with one company at a time and charges a flat monthly fee for recruitment and top talent consulting. Therefore, his clients span many different industries and locations.

He is a national member of the National Speakers Association who motivates his audience to learn methods to improve their productivity while enjoying their job. Talent acquisition is more difficult than top talent attraction. The outcome of his speech, Make Your Company ROAR (Recruit, Onboard, Actuate, and Retain), is higher success attracting top talent and retaining them as part of an engaged workforce. His speeches are conversations with his audience. He loves to meet members of the audience prior to a speech to learn their views of a topic and address areas of concern during his public conversation. All speeches are customized, so clients receive the best outcome from their engagement with RecruiterGuy.

He is a desired national television guest with over 102 television interviews including on CNN Headline News, third party eBook author, podcast guest, and national radio guest. He creates new content upon request from his clients. He is passionate about his topics, including proper goal setting where he discusses how he set a goal to hitchhike from Washington, DC to Los Angeles, CA in 5 days – and was successful in both 1969 and 1970. Then translate proper goal setting to increase employee engagement. Remember, a goal setting and achieving employee is, by definition, an engaged employee. Raise your company’s productivity with engaged employees!
For an engaged audience and engaged employees, Contact Bill Humbert for a conversation with him directly.