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RecruiterGuy talks about leadership, getting hired, and entrepreneurship.

Attracting Top Leadership Talent

How do you get the best leaders in an organization? How can you attract, acquire, and retain great leaders? Bill Humbert, The Recruiter Guy, explains the secrets of the recruiting world in this episode.

The Science of Getting Hired After 50

RecruiterGuy talks with Patricia Noel Drain about himself, his life, and how he started to help others with the experience he has gained throughout his life.

Strategic Advisory Services for Executives

Listen in as Bill shares his journey with Lou from a near encounter with Spahn Ranch to a life-long mission of helping others find the talent they need.

Advice for Those over 50 who need a job

The Three Boomers, Dale, Tim, and Carolyn, talk with Bill Humbert, The Recruitment Guy. If you're not ready to retire, he has tips about using your life expertise to your advantage. And, intriguing stories about hitchhiking across the U.S.

Long Term Employee Retention

RecruiterGuy discusses the importance of having capital, building a business and the recruiting process.  "Proper goal setting is very important because if you are properly setting your goals then you will make your goals as long as you work towards them."

Labor Shortage Solutions

If you’ve been listening to the business reports—or even the nightly news—you’ve heard there’s a labor shortage.

Interestingly, in the Quarterly Economics Briefing for Q2*, it is noted that it is a “perceived labor shortage”

In the 21st Century, the job search is always on. Jobs no longer last a lifetime, or even much longer than a few years for some. At the first sign of economic trouble, corporations drop workers like a damsel in distress in hopes of keeping their stockholders happy. Hires begin, and the cycle repeats over and over. Break the vicious circle and take your career back with the techniques of Employee 5.0.

How to Gain the Competitive Edge

Many companies have Top Talent Attraction challenges. Bill poses the question leaders must answer about their organization: Do top performers seem to migrate towards your competition?

The Energized

Are you getting the absolute ultimate out of your current job? Are you set to forge the next rung in your career?  Or are you a jellyfish swept along with the tides of your company?  Together Bart and Bill duel it out – each trying to outdo the other with the most valuable tools for landing you that new position and all the compensations you so richly deserve.

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