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RecruiterGuy talks about leadership, getting hired, and entrepreneurship.

EXPECT SUCCESS! The science of the over 50 Career Search

Follow the coaching in this book to identify, receive an appropriate offer, and grow your career. If you network faithfully with 4 new networking contacts daily, you will find your next position in 90 days.

Attracting Top Leadership Talent

How do you get the best leaders in an organization? How can you attract, acquire, and retain great leaders? Bill Humbert, The Recruiter Guy, explains the secrets of the recruiting world in this episode.

Strategic Advisory Services for Executives

Listen in as Bill shares his journey with Lou from a near encounter with Spahn Ranch to a life-long mission of helping others find the talent they need.

What does it take to achieve successful job searches? On this show Bill Humbert, Chair of the Park City Library Board in Utah, shares inside knowledge from 40+ years as a national recruiter. With so many changes taking place in the current job market this is invaluable information.

Bill Humbert is unusual in his field.  He has recruited and consulted with companies from start-ups as small as 11 professionals, including the Venture Capitalist, to major international corporations with tens of thousands of employees.

3 Things You Will Learn:
- What counterintuitive recruiting tips you need to implement today
- Bill has the greatest recruiting story I've ever heard
- What one book does he recommend (and it's a repeated recommend on this series)

Talent attraction is a key component of team performance. Quality leadership is in high demand and short supply. Our special guest Bill Humbert has 40 years of professional talent attraction experience. He joins us on the TeamWork a Better Way Podcast, to share a better process to attract top talent.

RecruiterGuy discusses the importance of having capital, building a business and the recruiting process.  "Proper goal setting is very important because if you are properly setting your goals then you will make your goals as long as you work towards them."

Bill Humbert is nationally known as an engaging speaker, expert talent attraction consultant, and career transition professional with 3 published books. Join Robert Manni, author of The Guys' Guy's Guide To Love as we discuss life, love and the pursuit of happiness.

We sit with Talent Attraction Expert, Consultant, Speaker, Author, and Coach, Bill Humbert to discuss the impact he has made in his 40 years of experience as a talent recruiting coach. Attracting and connecting top talents to companies that allows them to blossom while propelling these companies forward.

The three boomers talk this week with speaker and author Bill Humbert about his new book, "Expect Success! The Science of the Over 50 Career Search. If you're a boomer and looking for work, this is the episode for you.

Whether you are looking to join a team, or increase your organizational culture by hiring the right individual, this podcast will help you find the right people, and the right skills, for your team and organization.

Advice for Those over 50 who need a job

The Three Boomers, Dale, Tim, and Carolyn, talk with Bill Humbert, The Recruitment Guy. If you're not ready to retire, he has tips about using your life expertise to your advantage. And, intriguing stories about hitchhiking across the U.S.

Long Term Employee Retention

RecruiterGuy discusses the importance of having capital, building a business and the recruiting process.  "Proper goal setting is very important because if you are properly setting your goals then you will make your goals as long as you work towards them."

Labor Shortage Solutions

If you’ve been listening to the business reports—or even the nightly news—you’ve heard there’s a labor shortage.

Interestingly, in the Quarterly Economics Briefing for Q2*, it is noted that it is a “perceived labor shortage”

In the 21st Century, the job search is always on. Jobs no longer last a lifetime, or even much longer than a few years for some. At the first sign of economic trouble, corporations drop workers like a damsel in distress in hopes of keeping their stockholders happy. Hires begin, and the cycle repeats over and over. Break the vicious circle and take your career back with the techniques of Employee 5.0.

How to Gain the Competitive Edge

Many companies have Top Talent Attraction challenges. Bill poses the question leaders must answer about their organization: Do top performers seem to migrate towards your competition?

The Energized

Are you getting the absolute ultimate out of your current job? Are you set to forge the next rung in your career?  Or are you a jellyfish swept along with the tides of your company?  Together Bart and Bill duel it out – each trying to outdo the other with the most valuable tools for landing you that new position and all the compensations you so richly deserve.

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As a nation, how many years have we discussed this issue? Yet, compensation research demonstrates that little progress has been made. Watch this video to discover the surprising culprit that perpetuates the Gender Wage Gap. Please subscribe to my channel (It is free!). I am not afraid to tackle tough conversations.