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Give Your Attendees Actionable Strategies Goal Setting, Top Talent Attraction, Employee Engagement, and Retention For Today’s Evolving Market.

The Power of Proper Goal Setting

In July of 2023, I was invited to speak to the employees of Bouwer & Olivier Inc. in Ferndale, South Africa, outside of Johannesburg, South Africa. As a Leading Talent Attraction Consultant, I speak on Talent Attraction, Career Search, and The POWER of Proper Goal Setting. In The Power of Proper Goal Setting, I discuss how a The Washington Post ad on Easter Sunday in 1969 encouraged me to set an "Impossible Goal" to hitchhike from Washington, D.C. to Los Angeles in 5 days! Greyhound cheated - they had bus drivers for the entire route. We were dependent on passenger car drivers to get us to Los Angeles in 5 DAYS. Did We Achieve Our Goal?


Discussion Points

In this speech, the outcome for the participants is to learn that for a GOAL to Succeed, they need to be passionate about believing in achieving their goal.

A properly set Goal has the following elements:

  • S – A Goal needs to be Specific with a Strategy to achieve the Goal
  • C – Challenging. If the Goal is not challenging, the brain will not work on achieving the Goal.
  • A – Achievable. If the Goal is not Achievable, The brain will not work on the Goal.
  • M – Measurable – The participants need to know where they are relative to achieving their Goal. Metrics determine if they are on track.
  • P – Public – A Goal needs to be Public only among your supporters. They keep Goal setters accountable. The other people tear them down.
  • S – Specific End Date. This is the bungee cord that ties SCAMPS together and provides the metrics.

Finally, EXPECT SUCCESS! If the participants EXPECT SUCCESS! and work diligently on achieving their goals, they will succeed.

SCAMPS may be an hour-long speech or a 2 hour workshop.

By definition, a goal setting and goal achieving employee is an engaged employee. Engaged employees become retained employees.


Training is a valuable way to upgrade your staff’s talents. As a professional speaker and an award winning author, Bill speaks at professional events on business, recruitment and job search topics.



What does it take to attract high impact performers in today’s market?

(Recruit, Onboard, Actuate, Retain)

As a professional recruiter with 40 years of experience, Bill has watched how companies have attempted to transform Recruiting (the SALES Process) to Talent Acquisition (the ADMINISTRATIVE Process). This is understandable because all of the other processes in Human Resources are by their nature Administrative processes (Compensation, Benefits, Employee Relations, etc.). This results in Human Resources hiring administrative personnel to work in Human Resources.
Bill’s passion is to assist clients to attract Top Talent, not the desperate candidates who finally survive the hoops most companies force them to jump through to be hired.

Make Your Company ROAR (Recruit, Onboard, Actuate, Retain) Top Talent is Bill’s most popular Keynote speech for Associations and Companies that want their companies and hiring managers to Attract Top Talent.

The cost of this keynote is $10,000 per session.

Discussion Points

  • The Audience learns the importance of attracting Top Talent (i.e., higher productivity leading to higher profitability) and how to Transform their processes to Talent Attraction.
  • Learn the Talent Attraction Sales Process and understand how logical it is.
  • The Proper Job Description is crucial to sourcing the best candidates for a position, developing an interview to determine if they have the best skills, experience, and attributes to be successful in the company culture, proper Onboarding, Engagement, and Retention.
  • Learn Sourcing techniques beyond simply posting a position – and hoping the best candidate sees the posting and is willing to jump through the hoops (i.e., complete an application that no one will see).
  • Learn the 8 different ways I may Structure Interview Questions.
  • How Due Diligence determines Cultural Fit.
  • You Hired Them, now Actuate them in your Culture to Retain Top Talent.


Most people understand that Goal Setting is important. Unfortunately, many people either have never been taught Proper Goal Setting or they simply say, “My goal this year is…” Proper Goal Setting is important to reach the goal and enjoy the satisfaction of doing so. Bill engages his audiences with his story of properly setting his and Jack’s goal to hitchhike from Washington, DC to Los Angeles, CA in 1969 simply because of a Greyhound Bus ad that stated they could drive you across the country in 5 days. During his speech he briefly tells the story of their adventure and how Proper Goal Setting helped them hitchhike from Washington, DC to Los Angeles in 5 days, arriving in LA 2 weeks after Sharon Tate and her friends were killed by Manson followers. Then he demonstrates how Proper Goal Setting is applicable to Business, Sales, and even, Talent Attraction.

Discussion Points

  • After engaging with Bill in his speech, your employees, association members, or students will learn each step in Proper Goal Setting.
  • How to create the proper outcome in each step.
  • How to ensure the steps work together to improve productivity and Employee Engagement.
  • Remember, a Proper Goal Setting and Achieving Employee is an Engaged Employee.

As seen on CNN HLN and Vinnie Politan.

How to Get the MOST out of a Career Fair

As a Talent Attraction consulting firm, RecruiterGuy has represented many clients at over 100 professional career fairs. We have also consulted with clients in the development of their own corporate career fairs. He is a professional speaker and an award-winning author who has spoken at career fairs and presented to companies on successfully working a career fair. In his book, RecruiterGuy’s Guide to Finding a Job, Bill discussed how to work a career fair as a candidate effectively. He included examples of what not to do at a Career Fair. You may order “RecruiterGuy’s Guide to Finding a Job” at Amazon, (where it currently has five-star reviews).  His second published book, Employee 5.0 Secrets Of A Successful Job Search In The New World Order goes into greater depth on all aspects of taking charge of your career and 12 steps on how to network your way into the best company.

This presentation has been given before professional career fairs nationally. Usually, it attracts a large crowd, since people are trying to make the most of their few minutes in front of a potential hiring manager. At Rice University, we had an overflow crowd with some students standing and others sitting on the floor - and most were taking notes.

Discussion Points

  • What to do before the fair?
  • What to do during the fair?
  • What you are trying to accomplish at the booth?
  • How to be more successful after the fair?

"Bill generously shares his knowledge and insights and truly wants to see everyone succeed. I have appreciated Bill’s honesty, professionalism and willingness to be involved with activities to better the HR Community and the Job Seeker Community."

- DaLayne Williamson, SHRM-SCP
Talent Sourcing Specialist at MediRevv

This presentation launched Bill’s career as a professional speaker and has been delivered primarily at professional career fairs nationwide since 1995. Most contract recruitment consulting professionals recognize the importance of performing the job search fundamentals well first. Then work into the newer available technologies. A growing number of college campuses are requesting this presentation. On March 23, 2012, Bill presented this workshop at The University of Utah Career Services Job Club in Salt Lake City. Julie Swaner, PhD, wrote a nice LinkedIn recommendation on Bill’s LinkedIn Profile.

As a result of the recession and the number of people who are out of work, Bill used his contract recruiter consultant experience to write a serious/humorous book on finding a job. “RecruiterGuy’s Guide to Finding a Job” may be purchased on Amazon. As a result of his efforts he was recognized as an Award Winning Author.

If most managers have not been taught how to interview, how are you going to bring out your best attributes during your interview? This is a lively presentation that is based on over 38-years of professional contract recruitment consulting experience.

Discussion Points

  • Set a Goal -
    What do you want to do? As a contract recruiter consultant it is frustrating to find candidates who do not have a clear goal in their job search. If you do not have a set career goal, follow this process. Take a sheet of paper. At the top of the paper list “professional skills” and list all of the professional skills that you excel. Go back over that list and put an asterisk next to the skills that you do well and enjoy doing. Now search on those skills to see what jobs include their proficiency as a requirement. This process will help you determine what job you may enjoy the most.
  • Resume -
    What is the purpose? Which format? Contract recruiter consultants generally average six-seconds during their first pass on your resume. What are they looking for? They are looking for metrics that demonstrate your expertise in the area they are searching.
  • Interview -
    This is a conversation with a purpose for both sides. Develop stories that demonstrate you have the specific skills and experience necessary to be successful in the first year.
  • Offer/Salary Negotiation -
    Remember to treat a salary negotiation as a business negotiation and not personally.
  • The First Day on the Job -
    As a contract recruiter consultant, I generally spend at least some portion of my time onsite. It is easy for RecruiterGuy to determine which employees are serious about making positive, measurable impacts and who is just marking time in their position.
  • Positive Mental Attitude -
    Your positive mental attitude is your most important attribute. No one can take it away, but you can give it away by allowing someone else to control your emotions.

"RecruiterGuy’s extensive knowledge of the job search process is only surpassed by his energy, enthusiasm, and vitality in helping others. His understanding of recruiting trends, salary negotiation, and interview techniques is very useful. His lively presentation was helpful to everyone in the room."


- Julie Swaner, Director, Alumni Career Programs Career Transformation|Career Development|Finding your Mojo, Unversity of Utah

How to Select Impact Performers

This workshop is designed for hiring managers.

As a contract recruiter consultant, professional speaker, and award-winning author, Bill is on the front lines of successful talent acquisition. This training is based on RecruiterGuy’s experience as a contract recruitment consulting firm.

How many times have you heard a hiring manager say, “This person feels good in my gut?” My reply to them is, “Guts are great for storing and processing food, not so good for selecting candidates!” As a contract recruiter consultant, professional speaker, and award-winning author, it is essential that I help my audience understand the importance of effective interviewing.

How to select impact performers is a four-hour workshop where managers role play and learn how to be more effective in their selection of impact performers.

One of our first exercises is discovering the cost of a poor hire for your company. (This gets your attention!). Then we practice developing behavioral interviewing questions and how to probe a candidate’s experience. RecruiterGuy offers this training on Saturdays when managers are away from their phones and email.

The cost of this workshop is $10,000 per session, with a limit of 25 participants. ($400 per person).

Discussion Points

  • What is the COST of a poor hiring decision in your company?
  • People are the most important resource.
  • Interview theory, design, and purpose
    (There are 8 different ways to structure a legal interview question.)
  • Practice interview techniques
  • Design the interview.
  • Develop a model for work, strategic, and cultural analysis - What are your 3, 6, 9, 12-month goals for this position?
  • Interviewing and selecting the candidate - develop applicable behavioral interviewing questions and how to probe on experience.
  • Effective reference checks - Companies that do not train their hiring managers on how to interview candidates effectively do not teach them how to select the best-qualified candidates. They are doomed to live with the people they get, not the best-qualified candidates that will grow their business.

"Our local SHRM chapter asked Bill Humbert to be a speaker at our annual ½-day conference. He presented material on recruiting ideas and tools that was practical, relevant, and readily applicable. As one of the organizers of the event, I especially appreciated that Bill was responsive to preparation emails requesting information, and that he took the initiative to contact me a couple of times to ensure that he fully understood our members’ expectations and special needs so that he could adapt his presentation content accordingly."

- Fran Baze, Event Planner,
Rockford Area SHRM Association

Bill Humbert

Talent Attraction Consultant

Bill Humbert

Talent Attraction Speaker

Nationally known as an engaging speaker, expert talent attraction consultant, and career transition professional with 3 published books , Bill is looking forward to meeting you!

He has talent attraction experience since 1981, contributing to the success of companies by attracting top talent – and training clients to attract top talent after his engagement is complete. Bill’s talent attraction consultant business is unique within the United States. Bill works with one company at a time and charges a flat monthly fee for recruitment and top talent consulting. Therefore, his clients span many different industries and locations.

He is a national member of the National Speakers Association who motivates his audience to learn methods to improve their productivity while enjoying their job. Talent acquisition is more difficult than top talent attraction. The outcome of his speech, Make Your Company ROAR (Recruit, Onboard, Actuate, and Retain), is higher success attracting top talent and retaining them as part of an engaged workforce. His speeches are conversations with his audience. He loves to meet members of the audience prior to a speech to learn their views of a topic and address areas of concern during his public conversation. All speeches are customized, so clients receive the best outcome from their engagement with RecruiterGuy.

He is a desired national television guest with over 139 television interviews including on CNN Headline News, third party eBook author, podcast guest, and national radio guest. He creates new content upon request from his clients. He is passionate about his topics, including proper goal setting where he discusses how he set a goal to hitchhike from Washington, DC to Los Angeles, CA in 5 days – and was successful in both 1969 and 1970. Then translate proper goal setting to increase employee engagement. Remember, a goal setting and achieving employee is, by definition, an engaged employee. Raise your company’s productivity with engaged employees!
For an engaged audience and engaged employees, Contact Bill Humbert for a conversation with him directly.

Bill Humbert with his 3 books