There is no secret that when company recruiting creates pain through underperformance, the Operations organization is where the pain is felt. Unfortunately, Operations does not have responsibility for Recruiting (Talent Acquisition).

Talent Acquisition reports through the Human Resource Department in most companies.

Human Resource Departments Are Important Services

Examine the responsibilities of Human Resources – Benefits, Compensation, Diversity & Inclusion, Employee Relations, Organization & Development, Human Resource Technology. Which of those responsibilities are Administrative and Compliance? All of them and the Business’ Human Resource Departments are specialists in those areas.

In many companies, Human Resources falls short in the one area that mirrors the SALES Process perfectly – Recruiting. Yet, since many Human Resource representatives do not trust Sales Professionals nor do they want to sell, they hire administrative/compliance professionals to recruit.

How Would A Company Reorganize Talent Acquisition?

My suggestion is to reorganize many of the Recruiting functions under Operations. Operations already houses SALES of the company’s products and services. Recruiting could report up through the VP or Director of Sales.

The first step of the Recruiting Process is to identify a need – that is a new or replacement employee.

The second step is to create a solution to the need – that is the Job Description. While the Job Description should be the Manager’s responsibility, the Human Resource Department may consult to ensure the Job Description does not mention management responsibilities if the person is not a manager.

The third step is Sourcing Candidates. My feeling is the Manager should primarily be responsible for sourcing candidates through their networks, conferences, and replies to the applicant tracking system. The Operations Recruiter could assist in the sourcing and initial screening of additional candidates.

The fourth step is Interviewing prospective candidates. The Training & Development Group in HR could provide training for Managers to effectively interview candidates.

The fifth step is Extending the Offer. This should be done by the Operations Recruiter who is comfortable with compensation negotiations. Additionally, the Recruiter should coach the Manager on an acceptable offer.

The sixth step is performing due diligence on selected candidates. Operations may conduct background investigations through vendors, and drug tests through vendors, and the Manager should conduct reference check interviews.

The seventh step is to answer any candidate questions about the position, and negotiate the final offer to a successful close.

The eighth step is closing the candidate on the offer. The Recruiter in Operations could sell the company, position, and offer to the Candidate. Many times, this step requires negotiation skills from years of recruiting experience. Once they accept the offer, coach them on the Counter Offer.

The ninth step is to negotiate a start date. It is best to stick to convention and set it for 2 weeks after the Candidate’s resignation. This is also the time to coach a candidate on the Counter Offer…again!

The tenth step is to Onboard the New Employee! The Manager should be the first person to Welcome the candidate on their Start Date. Human Resources should provide support in the areas of their expertise – explain and answer Benefits questions, provide safety and sexual harassment training.

The eleventh step is important and is to begin the Employee Engagement process on the first day. Proper Goal Setting is a key element in Employee Engagement. Remember, a goal setting and achieving Employee is, by definition, an Engaged Employee.

The twelfth step is the Retention of the new employee. Employee Retention should be one of the metrics for Every Manager of direct reports.

As you can see, this reorganization makes sense because the organization within the company that feels the pain in Recruiting has the ability to change and improve its process to perform Recruiting as a well-oiled Operations Sales Organization.

Recruiting is Not Magic. It is Focused, Hard Work.

Talent Attraction is Better than Talent Acquisition!

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