As the final week of the 2022 Winter Olympics winds down, is it time for Leaders to examine their Talent Attraction practices? Does your Organization want to win the Gold Medal for attracting the top talent – or are you content being an also run? Remember, companies that attract Top Talent are also the businesses that are more Inventive, more Productive, and more Profitable.

What Are the 12 Steps To Win The Recruiting Gold?

Judging by the norm in corporate recruiting, few companies recognize that Top Recruiting Organizations treat Talent Attraction as a Sales Process. Examine your company’s recruiting practices. Do they follow this process?

Step One – Most companies are on target with the first step – Identify the NEED for a new or replacement position. Generally, the top organizations ask the managers for some documentation to justify adding to headcount.

Step Two – Create a Job Description that truly describes the expectations for Employee Success over their first year.

Step Three – Source PotentialCandidates. Consider – if your Job Description does not reflect the expectations for the first year of employment, your business will source the Wrong Candidates.

Step Four – Candidate Interviews. Has your business trained your managers to effectively interview candidates? If not, they have not been trained to identify and select the best qualified candidate.

Step Five – Candidate offer. The candidate’s offer should reflect where the candidate’s skills and experience fit with other members of the manager’s team (Tied to Interview Training).

Step Six – Due Diligence. Due Diligence includes Drug Testing, Background Investigation, and Reference Checks. Skip one of these Due Diligence steps and the company risks making a bad hire.

Step Seven – Offer Negotiation. Once a candidate has been vetted, an organization may negotiate the offer with the selected candidate. There are a number of tools to use in this negotiation.

Step Eight – Close the Candidate. Did you recognize that the Recruiting Process mirrors the SALES Process?

Step Nine – Start the Selected Candidate. The Start Date to convert the candidate to an employee is the same as the delivery of a product or service in the Sales Process.

Step Ten – Onboarding (or Orientation). This is the important Welcome to new Employees. Remember First Impressions are remembered.

Step Eleven – Engage Employees. When you engage new employees at the beginning of their employment – and continue to engage with them, Employee Engagement will not be a problem.

Step Twelve – Employee Retention. Retaining Clients in the SALES Process mirrors Employee Retention in the Talent Attraction process.

Talent Attraction Mirrors The SALES Process Perfectly

Over the next 12 weeks, we will explore each step of the SALES Process that is called Talent Acquisition, Recruiting, Recruitment, Talent Attraction – and in some organizations !#%@%$&$^*.

Recruiting is Not Magic. It is Focused, Hard Work.

Talent Attraction is Better than Talent Acquisition!

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