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Some people ask me, “Why should we change our organization and our process?” My response is, “Why should your organization experience poor results and continue to follow the same processes with the same organization – and expect different results?”

Does It Not Make Sense To CHANGE Something?

Human Resources is a valuable organization. Its strengths lie with its administrative and compliance responsibilities – Employee Relations, Benefits, Compensation, Organizational and Employee Development, Diversity and Inclusion, etc. Does even one of these responsibilities sound like a Sales Process? No.

Recruiting mirrors the SALES Process perfectly. Should companies hire administrators and compliance officers for sales positions? If they did, will they meet their sales goals? No.

Where are all the Sales Managers in a company? Corporate Operations.

How well do Sales Professionals perform when they are managed by Bureaucrats in Human Resources?

Recently I had this conversation with a Human Resource Manager. She said, “We cannot move Recruiting to Operations! Salespeople lie!”

Hmmm, who are the Sales Managers in Human Resources?

How Do We Structure This Reorganization?

Companies restructure their organizations within Operations all the time. Should Talent Attraction belong to the organization that feels the pain from poor recruiting efforts? May I suggest that when Talent Attraction is owned by the organization that feels the pain, they will find new ways to solve a problem? Currently, another organization that resists changes only doubles down by doing the same things – and expecting different results.

What Is Your Company’s Choice?

Let us face it, many Human Resource organizations have no interest in sales, other than ensuring they are compliant.

The Chief Operating Officer and their team understand the importance of a properly run Sales Operation. Operations has Sales Managers.

Do not buy the HR argument that Recruiting outside of HR will get the company sued. EVERYTHING a company does may get the company sued. Train your Recruiters on how to sell the organization, how to effectively screen candidates, and how to close candidates with integrity. Then provide the tools to succeed and set them free, just like every other Sales Professional.

Delete Recruiting From HR.

Recruiting is Not Magic. It is Focused, Hard Work.

Talent Attraction is Better than Talent Acquisition!

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