Photo of RecruiterGuy (red jacket) at the Bobsled Starter at Utah Olympic Park RecruiterGuy Talent Attraction Senior Advisor Talent Attraction Consultant Talent Acquisition

Construction and Utility Companies, particularly in the northern climate, where they must lay off their summer employees, may have an interesting new way to retain those employees.

Does your company feel the pain of hiring hourly workers at the beginning of a construction season and then having to lay them off during the winter season? You spent weeks training them in your organization’s hourly work. Then once they are truly contributing, your construction season wains and you lay them off.

My background is primarily in General Contracting field construction for 8 years and Talent Attraction Consulting for the past 40+ years. Sadly, recruiting for hourly labor has not advanced very far since I was a Construction Superintendent in 1979.

Company Executives, are you willing to approach construction Talent Attraction Retention from a different perspective?

As a Talent Attraction Senior Advisor, in this article for the Concrete Foundations Association, I present a different way to approach hourly labor retention during the winter months for the Concrete Foundations Association’s quarterly magazine Concrete Facts.

The photo was taken in Utah Legacy Olympic Park, Park City, UT where I was the Bobsled Starter (red jacket) in a recent competition for the North American Cup.

Off-Season Employee Retention, Will You Entertain Creative New Ideas? : Concrete Facts Magazine Online