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January 1st is around the corner. What have we been taught to do? Make our New Year’s Resolutions!

The Top Two Jobseeker Resolutions that have been shared with me over the past 26+ years coaching professionals to find a new job include:

  1. “I will apply to 25 online jobs per day.”

Depending upon the size of the city or town and the industry/field the person is searching, this resolution may realistically be done in a week – with no interviews scheduled.

Many Director level or Executive level positions are not posted online.

The additional issue with this resolution is your search is now out of your hands. It is in the hands of either an applicant tracking system or someone Junior in HR who knows nothing about the job beyond the (typically) poorly written job description – and your application, which you spent a minimum of 20 minutes completing, is never seen by the Hiring Manager.

2. “I will apply to several recruiting firms, and they will help me find a job.”

This resolution demonstrates that most candidates do not understand how Professional Recruiting works. The majority of Professional Recruiters work on a contingency basis – the Professional Recruiter is not paid unless their candidate is selected, accepts the offer, and starts on the agreed start date.

A candidate who approaches a recruiter needs to introduce themselves briefly. Discover the positions the Professional Recruiter is working. If the candidate does not meet the qualifications for the positions the recruiter is working, thank them for their time and ask them to keep you in mind if a position that you are targeting comes across their desk.

As a Talent Attraction Consultant, I spent 12 successful years as a Professional Recruiter before I started recruiting consulting business working with one organization at a time and charging a flat monthly fee in 1992.

As a Professional Recruiter, there were times when I met a candidate that I felt had promise but there were no openings I was working where they either were interested in the company or no openings I was working on. Several times, I stayed in touch with candidates every quarter to learn if their interests had changed or if they picked up new responsibilities that increased their marketability. With those candidates, it was not unusual that I would call them a year after our initial conversation, chat, and then introduce them to a client. Each one of them excitedly accepted that position.

Note that I said it took a year for me to find the perfect match for them – And they were employed elsewhere during that period. This plan works best if you are employed and know exactly what position you seek. More importantly, this was not a New Year’s Resolution that led to their new job. It was a partnership between the candidate and the Professional Recruiter.

If Not a Resolution, How Should I Find a Job In The New Year?

There is an important difference between a resolution and properly setting a goal to find a job in x months. Properly setting a goal requires that you plan specifically what activities you will perform to reach the goal and are committed to working to reach the goal in the time frame set.

I speak at Association Conferences and Internationally at Company Meetings on Properly Setting Goals.

My acronym to properly set goals is SCAMPS.

S – Specific – Your Goal needs to be Specific with a complete strategy on what actions you will take to complete your Goal.

C – Challenging – Your Brain is excited by Achievable Challenges

A – Achievable – Your Brain is smart. Without a strategy to achieve a Goal, Your brain will decide not to commit to working to achieve the Goal.

M – Measurable – This action is key to achieving a goal!  Know what measurable activities you may control to reach your Goal. Knowledge of this information and tracking the results of your activities informs you if you are on track to reach your Goal or need to increase certain activities like increasing your number of daily networking calls.

P – Public – This “Public” is only among the people who will support your efforts. They will also hold you accountable for reaching your Goal.

S – Set a Specific End Date – The first S and the last S are the bungee cord that ties SCAMPS together. Following these steps will ensure you are committed to achieving your Goal and increase the likelihood you will succeed!

Coming Blogs will focus on Each Specific step of SCAMPS in your JobSearch.

By Itself, SCAMPS Is Not Magic

SCAMPS is not Magic! Without your commitment to your Goal and the work required to meet your Goal, you will Fail.

Properly following SCAMPS to achieve your goals will seem MAGICAL!

In 1969, I used SCAMPS to set a Goal to hitchhike from Washington, D.C. to Los Angeles in 5 Days (before the Interstates were completed!). My goal was specific – DC to LA in 5 days. I created a strategy that included recruiting a friend to accompany me because I felt it would be safer. Learn more about our adventures while we succeeded in reaching our hitchhiking goals in 1969 and 1970 in my coming book which will be published in January 2025.


You Are On The Way To A New Career!

The next steps will move you along your journey. We needed to give you a solid foundation to work from.

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