#JobSearch #Friday – Do You Feel Your Job Search Is Stuck In The Snow? (559 words)

Photo of a Weber grill almost buried in the snow

Far too often we become so focused on one solution that we keep pounding it until it ends in disaster. For instance, think of the recent Super Bowl. The San Francisco 49ers kept the same defense through the second half of the game. That Defense worked tremendously well for the first half of the Super Bowl against the Kansas City Chiefs.

During the halftime break, Coach Andy Reid made some adjustments in the Offense and Defense that took the 49ers by surprise. The 49ers kept what worked in the first half of the Super Bowl – and lost the game they were forecast to win.

Are you following the same path in your Job Search? Are you stuck in your snow, conducting your search the same way without generating the results that you need to score that Great Job?

Have you explored new methods (for you) that are far more productive and successful?

Think of your Job Search as Your Super Bowl! Are you going to make halftime adjustments like the Chiefs? Or, is your plan to pound that dead horse to demonstrate that searching for a job does not work the way you were successful in the past?

I did not become the search engine leading organic result for “Talent Attraction Consultant” by doing the same things over and over again – and hope they worked this time.

In your past, you may have been successful in finding a new position by posting your resume on job boards – back in the heady days of Monster. Those days are over (and so pretty much is Monster).

Let’s blow through your immobilizing snow like a skier in the mountains skiing through a snow drift of that Amazing powder snow! Poof! And you are successful!

Stop acting like the Weber grill in my photo – frozen in time!

You have networked successfully throughout your life. As a youth, you asked siblings and friends, “Where’d you get that?”

As an adult, you asked, “Who is a mechanic you trust?”

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Professionals I have coached who followed my step by step guide to finding a new job or career consistently found their ideal job within 90 days, many with increased compensation! If you are willing to try something different than the frustrating responses to job postings and receiving the requisite response – “Thank you for responding to our posting, blah, blah, blah…” – and never hearing from them again. This is your opportunity to succeed!

I have coached hundreds of professionals in my past. The majority were successful in identifying and interviewing for the perfect position – and then using my RecruiterGuy SALARY NEGOTIATION script to receive the offer they deserve.

You do have a choice. Continue to be stuck in waste deep snow with frustrating results – Or take charge of your search with proven methods!

In other words, do you choose to make adjustments in your search to be more successful like the Kansas City Chiefs, or are you going to extend your search by doing the same old frustrating posting and hoping?

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He has written 3 Career Search books. The latest, EXPECT SUCCESS! The Science Of The Over 50 Career Search, received a 5 Star Review – https://readersfavorite.com/book-review/expect-success.