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Many Associations feel they are at a recruiting disadvantage. They tend to be smaller with smaller hiring budgets (of course, there are certainly outliers who are well funded). How should most of the Associations compete for candidates with well funded Associations, Companies, and Universities?

There are 3 important fundamental concepts to keep in mind:

  1. Fortunately, Recruiting is NOT Magic (Hey, I am a Recruiter!).
  2. Recruiting mirrors the Sales Process perfectly (HR Views recruiting as an administrative/compliance process).
  3. Associations have an unfair advantage over companies – Some people are Passionate about their causes.

Let us address each fundamental concept.

Recruiting Is Not Magic

Fortunately, you cannot wiggle your nose or snap your fingers, and SUDDENLY, an outstanding candidate appears. Well, maybe 2 of you are that fortunate!

Recruiting is a process that requires continuous effort over the years. It doesn’t happen immediately when your organization decides it requires a new or replacement candidate.

Cultivating sources of candidates over time is required. Consistent effort defining your Association’s culture, employee needs, and sources of the ideal talent require focus and hard work. Guess what? You also need to document your recruiting process, culture, and sources because all may change. It would serve your association well to know what worked in the past but is not working now. Why? Because, just like wide lapels on men’s suits, the employment market will change again – and your sources will bloom again like cactus flowers after rain in the desert.

Recruiting Mirrors The Sales Process Perfectly

The Recruiting Process mirrors the Sales Process perfectly – and almost every Human Resource Department treats Recruiting as an Administrative or Compliance Process. This is the reason that many organizations require candidates to complete an application before submitting their resumes. There is a time and place for candidate applications – and it is After there is a substantive conversation where there is mutual interest.

To put this in the proper perspective, would you go inside a Whole Foods Store if they required you to complete an application before you enter the store? Of course not! They understand that requirement is a barrier that will keep you from entering the store. The same is true of requiring candidates to complete applications before submitting resumes to your company or Association. As soon as the Top Talent sees they are required to complete an application, they bail out of the process.

Your organization’s job descriptions are the foundation of the entire process. If you nail the job description, every step follows perfectly. If your Manager is lazy with the job description, the process falls apart. The job description is the foundation of sourcing, interviewing, selecting the best candidate, extending an offer, onboarding, engaging, and retaining Top Talent – AND that describes the Importance of well written job descriptions.

What Is The Association Unfair Advantage?

If your Association markets your openings well, people who are passionate about your cause will be attracted to your Association. Use your perceived weakness of lower salaries to attract people who are Passionate about your cause or role. Compensation is important. Pay fairly. Know that some people will work for less if they are excited about the Association and your cause.

Can you attract the top talented candidates? Absolutely! Remember, Recruiting is not Magic. Recruiting Is Hard Work!

Talent Attraction is Better than Talent Acquisition!

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