There is justifiable excitement among the Executive ranks that your company just attracted a Top Candidate! The search was long, as many are today, and this person stood out as a Top Talent.

How Does Your Organization Onboard New Employees?

Keep in mind that the new employee’s first moments in your office create a lasting first impression. Questions flow through your new employee’s mind on their first day –

  1. Did I make the right decision to accept this offer?
  2. Are they happy to see me?
  3. Exactly what are their expectations for me these first months through my first year?
  4. How organized are they?
  5. Will I fit in the new culture?
  6. Can I make positive, measurable impacts – and have Fun doing so?

What Is Your Company’s Onboarding Process?

Some companies only ask new employees to complete their compensation and benefits forms, sign our harassment form, and now “Get. To. Work!” How would you feel if you were treated like that? Welcome?

I remember some companies telling me that their new employee went to lunch – and never returned. Their Onboarding process did not resonate with their new employee.

How Do We Improve Our Onboarding Process?

May I make a suggestion? Think what you feel would make you more welcome on your first day. Then determine how to make it work in one day.

My suggestion is for the Manager to greet the new employee first in the company.  Enthusiastically welcome them. Bring them into their office and tell them that you appreciate their acceptance of your offer. Smile, “Do you have any questions about your first day?” Let’s discuss our Onboarding process.

We will introduce you to our team and team members in other departments who will work with you.  After the introductions, accompany your new employee to the area where Human Resources will begin their Onboarding process. Generally, they will complete forms, discuss benefits and their options, discuss the benefits of the company 401(k) program and discuss any special benefits that differentiate your company from others. Depending upon the company, there may be a safety film, issuance of safety gear, and a harassment video.

Depending on the size of the company, an organization could bring lunch to a conference or larger room. Treat the new employees with an introduction to a senior executive welcome over lunch. This is the Executive’s opportunity to discuss the company goals and how the new employees fit into company goals. The Executive welcome is important because it is key to making the new team members feel they are important. If the company has its own language, discuss the language and provide an electronic reminder sheet.  Once the Human Resources’ Onboarding process is complete, ask the Manager to return to HR and accompany the new employee back to their office.

Once in their new space, ask the employee how the balance of the Onboarding process felt. Do they have any questions?

“Remember how we discussed the 3 month, 6 month, 9 month and, 12 month goals for your first year? Do you have any questions?” Answer any of their questions.

Then set short, end of day meetings on Wednesday and Friday to follow the new employee’s progress and answer any concerns they may have. Offer encouragement when needed.

What Is The Benefit Of A Daylong Onboarding Process?

The purpose of this type of Onboarding is to make the new employee feel welcome, begin to learn the culture and history of the company, become comfortable with their new team, and importantly, see how they fit into their new company. Some companies give new employees a fruit basket or some small token of appreciation.

When the person leaves the office at the end of their first day, you want them to be excited and looking forward to their next day. Ideally, would you like Every Day to end that way – looking forward to their next day?

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