Why settle for the same old repeat candidates? Over 40 years of recruiting, I marveled when hiring managers missed the opportunity to upgrade their direct reports when they had an opening.  Of course, I understand the need to stay within a budget.

How Can Managers Upgrade Staff Within Their Budget?

It takes effort – and a willingness to try a new way to operate.

Do you have an open mind when it comes to different methods to improve performance?  How would improved Productivity and improved Retention impact your organization? More importantly, how would managing a team that consistently outperforms other teams impact you, your career, and your income?

The solution has worked for top managers for years. Many of those managers are leading companies now. They found the key to improve a position every time they promoted a direct report.

This method requires a manager to x-ray the position when they feel the need to replace a current staff member. What has changed over the year or years the person has worked in that position? Look at their original job description. If the staff member has performed their job well, they upgraded the original job description.

Are you going to utilize the very same original job description to find a new worker when you replace them? Many managers pull out the old job description and tell the recruiter to find that person.

Now you are starting from the past, instead of capitalizing on the efforts of the departing team member.

Upgrading Job Descriptions Takes Time

And they may be a pain to rewrite. However, keep in mind that you will spend a minimum of 2080 hours over the next year working with this new staff member. Does that thought put a different spin on the importance of an accurate job description?

Want To Dial The Description In?

Do you subscribe to the concept that if you are going to do something, you should do it well? I do.

This is a suggestion to help you dial in your Job Description and find the best qualified candidate.

Based on the performance of the departing employee (this is more important if they were a poor hire), what are the 3 month, 6 month, 9 month, and 12 month goals for the position? There should be at least 3 goals for each quarter that may be a little stretch – and be attainable.

Once you set the goals for the position, you and the recruiter know exactly the skills, experience, and attributes required to at least meet your expectations for their first year.

There Is Magic Here!

Consider how this practice will improve your organization. Once the goals are set, the manager and recruiter work together to source the right candidate (instead of posting the opening and praying the best candidate is looking at the same time).

Once the candidate is identified, create an interview that measures their ability to meet or exceed the goals. During your review of the candidate’s interview, ask the participants their confidence that the candidate will meet or exceed their goals.

When the new employee joins your staff, review their quarterly goals for their first year. One of the 12 month goals should be for them to set their quarterly goals for the next year for their annual review discussion with you. You may help them tweak their goals.

Candidates and employees LOVE to hear the expectations for their first year (and every year thereafter). Far too often, it seems the difference between meeting expectations and exceeding expectations is set by throwing a dart.

Your one on one conversations can be more meaningful since there are targets for the employee to meet. At the annual review, there are no surprises – they made their goals or they did not. Remember, by definition, a goal setting and goal Achieving Employee is an Engaged Employee – and one that you will probably retain!

What Is The Surprise BENEFIT?

When you promote that team member, creating a job description will be easier because you know how their progress impacted your team – and what skills and experience are needed by the new team member just to meet your higher expectations.

Talent Attraction is Better than Talent Acquisition!

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