Talent Attraction is not simply posting on a Job Board and praying the best candidates magically appear. If only it were that simple! Of course, people will apply – but will they have the right skills and experience for your position? Generally, not.

Once in a while, they do have the perfect background that your organization seeks. During the interview with your managers, they Seem to be a good fit but how can you tell if they will fit your culture?

Do You Know Your Company’s Culture?

How does your company define its company culture? Upon examination, is your culture what you advertise, or is it what you wish for? Does your company even have a defined culture for everyone, or does each manager define the culture for their team?

When you begin to probe “Company Culture,” many times you find there is a wish that your company culture mirrors the defined cultures of the best in class in your industry. In the early evenings of Monday  Night Football, Dandy Don Meredith used to say, “If wishes and hopes were candy and nuts, my what a Wonderful Christmas we would have!”

Therefore, the company leadership needs to define the culture. Then, as an example, they need to LIVE the culture. Far too often, the example they lead is not what they ask staff to act. Now, you know one reason why you may not be able to find candidates who match your company culture. There is none.

When Your Company Culture Does Not Match…

Let us say that your organization advertises that you are a company that listens to the advice of staff when making decisions – that you build consensus with the team before making a decision. Then, you attract candidates who may be Top Performers who left companies where the Leadership tells everyone what to do – Top Down Leadership. The candidates crave a culture where their say makes impacts.

They visit your website where your business states that it values its employees, that people are rewarded for the contributions they make. “Wow! This is where I want to work! I want to be appreciated for my contributions.” (Don’t we all?)

They interview well and the company management interviews well. The candidate is excited to receive and accept an offer. Then they start.

What Happens Next?

The Top Performer begins working for the company. During the Onboarding Process, the company trumpets its consensus building culture (that they market on the corporate website).

The new employee is excited to contribute and sees opportunities to make positive, measurable impacts in their first months. They make their suggestions…that get shot down “because you have not worked here long enough to understand our market.” They swallow hard. Then they decide that maybe that explanation is true. They focus on learning what they do not know about the market.

One day, months later, they are meeting with their manager. During the meeting, the Top Performer discovers that their manager is telling them what to do – without asking their opinion or worse, taking credit for the suggestions they made months ago. The clock turned to midnight. Their new carriage for their career just turned into a pumpkin. They begin their search for a new company that Lives its Advertised Culture.

Does That Describe Your Company’s Culture?

If your company markets a consensus building culture but practices a Top Down decision-making culture, your business’s Employee Engagement, and Employee Retention will suffer. Worse, you will lose Top Performers in staff whose suggestions may have propelled the company revenues and profits forward – but the leaders knew better (they assumed).

Own Your Company Culture!

If the leadership practices Top Down decision-making, own it. Some employees like to be told what to do. They will do their work without questioning the leadership’s decisions. Their motivation is to keep their heads down and do their job. In return, they receive a check and benefits.  They will occasionally be promoted into management positions where they will continue to live what Leadership tells them.

If this is the type of person that you want working for your company, the “Steady Eddie or Eve,” ask questions that determine if that is their preference – “What culture do you prefer? A culture where the manager gives you the direction that you follow – or culture where you are expected to make entrepreneurial suggestions that may move the company in another direction?” If their preference is simply to follow directions, and they have the right skills and experience to receive an offer, create an attractive offer for them.

If their manager expects employees who listen to their direction and complete their tasks as directed, you will probably retain that person. They will do the best they can on those tasks – and not be a threat to take their manager’s job – everyone is happy. (Except maybe stockholders)

Recruiting is Not Magic. It is Focused, Hard Work.

Talent Attraction is Better than Talent Acquisition!

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