Lions feeding on a wildebeest for breakfast

Executives, Is Your Competition Eating Your Recruiting For Breakfast?

Some organizations have high-performing Talent Attraction teams. The majority of companies suffer from the same old recruiting efforts that have not worked for 40 years. The efforts have been complained about by Hiring Managers for all that time. Yet, what has changed? “We will find another place to post positions.” How has that worked out?

Let us examine that solution for a moment. The Career Transition (aka Outplacement) industry has tracked how the candidates they coach have found new jobs for the past 45 years. The metrics demonstrate that 74 – 76% of those candidates found their new careers through NETWORKING. How many of those candidates found their jobs through answering job postings? Only 8% found their job by posting online through corporate and job board websites.

Do not get me wrong. Human Resources provides valuable services for all businesses – profit and nonprofit. Consider the functions that Human Resources provides and serve you well – Benefits, Compensation, Employee Development, Employee Relations, HR Technology, etc. Are not all these functions Administrative or Compliance? Recruiting mirrors the SALES Process line by line and step by step. Who in your Human Resource Department is a Sales Professional with a successful SALES, not an HR sales background?

Preferably, your business would want to hire a conceptual, not product, sales professional. Why? Your open positions are not a product that a candidate may hold, touch, and walk around (like a house). Even Great Realtors are conceptual sales professionals. They sell the DREAM, not the house!

Has a Compliance professional Ever led your business in SALES? Not likely. With 40+ years as a Talent Attraction Consultant, I have successfully recruited for companies in many industries. Why? I am a Sales Professional. If something is not working, I find another way of attracting the Best Talent – not the desperate Talent who are willing to post their resume – and Hope that someone reads it (not likely because of the screens that HR puts in their Applicant Tracking System to screen candidates out).

How Do You Solve The Talent Acquisition Conundrum?

Applicant Tracking Systems and Job Boards may serve a valuable purpose, but not the current purpose. Currently, both screen candidates whose resumes do not nearly match a poorly (in most companies) written Job Description. (This Blog describes a highly effective Job Description)  –  www.recruiterguy.com/?s=Job+description

Would hiring the Best Qualified Candidate benefit your organization? Of course! The BEST Qualified Candidate could propel your company forward and make your business more profitable.

The maximum benefit of an Applicant Tracking System is to track candidates (obviously). In the notes, include the top candidates who were not selected. If a similar position opens, is it smarter to open a brand new position? Or, would it be smarter to look in your own Applicant Tracking System and find the 2nd or 3rd place finalists from a previous hire? My clients have hired many of those 2nd and 3rd placers over the years. – and found that occasionally, they were better than the person who was selected.

In your business operations, if something is not working, do you continue to suffer with the results? Not unless you are focused on going out of business. Would you like a solution that makes sense and brings better results?

Reorganize RECRUITING into your Operations group. They are the ones feeling the Candidate pain. They have SALES Managers who know how to solve Sales Problems.

I can help your organization become a Talent Attraction company where the best candidates want to be employed.

Talent Attraction is Better than Talent Acquisition!

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Retaining Top Talent keeps your industry knowledge inside your company – instead of with the competition.

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