#TalentAttraction #Tuesday – RESILIENT RECRUITING!

The tree in this photo lives in Keystone, IA where a derecho storm hit in August 2020. The winds were measured up to 126 mph in Atkins, IA not far from Keystone. Would you agree this tree demonstrates Nature’s resilience?

How Does This Tree Relate to Recruiting?

The tree in Keystone was devastated by winds that ripped off limbs and mangled major parts of its trunk. Despite all the terrible damage to its body, this Spring the tree displayed its resilience and at the top of its remaining branch, the leaves exhibited its desire to live.

Talent Attraction requires skill, persistence, and sales skills. Experienced recruiters understand the sales process. They know the process works – if they work the process. Therefore, despite disappointments in the search process, such as, candidates bombing in interviews (or worse no-showing), candidates declining offers, and other disappointments, experienced recruiters persevere.

Skill in the recruiting process leads to confidence in search success.

Many recruiters face the difficulty of sourcing appropriate candidates. Depending upon the employment market, finding the so-called perfect candidate can be very difficult. The important question is, “How Resilient is the Recruiter?” Do they believe in their skills to identify and land the best candidate?

Too often, if they are inexperienced or stuck in their sourcing box, they give up and begin to make excuses because they cannot deliver the best candidate.  Executives may have heard these excuses:

  1. “We are in a full employment economy.”
  2. “No one wants to move here.”
  3. “Our salaries are too low.” (and they may be)
  4. “No one wants to do that job.”
  5. “No one wants to work any more.”

The excuses may become the recruiter’s crutch, instead of considering…

What Is Another Approach?

Expert recruiters are resilient. They face the same difficulties as other recruiters. Instead of making excuses, they find new approaches.

For instance, it is important for the recruiter to understand the requirements of the position well enough to propose other potential solutions while focusing on their original sourcing. They have confidence in their Talent Attraction skills.

My current client needed a Construction Estimator. My experience in construction in the past caused me to wonder if an Estimator in one trade could be easily trained to estimate in another trade. Both Estimators were involved in measuring takeoffs from the blueprints.  Some were more general than others – and the takeoffs all needed to be detailed. When I introduced a candidate from another trade, my manager agreed that he could take the skills and transfer them to fit his needs. Meanwhile, I continued to pursue other candidates.

Finally, I reached a candidate that I had pursued for over a month. Once we discussed my client and their needs, the candidate was excited. They interviewed successfully. They accepted an offer and started for the manager I supported. This experience has been repeated many times in my career. My resilience, confidence to propose different solutions, and persistence to find and deliver the best available candidates consistently creates a successful conclusion. Repeat business is the sign of happy clients.

Resilient Recruiting is acting like this tree. Despite everything that has gone poorly, continue to believe in your success and persist until the process succeeds. The tree had most of its branches ripped off during the derecho storm. Yet it is still standing Tall and Proud!  So should You.

Talent Attraction is Better than Talent Acquisition!

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