Every Company has an Employer Brand – many companies do not realize it. As a professional recruiter, I learn about companies by speaking with candidates. The potential candidates immediately inform me when they are not interested in interviewing with a company – and also, when they desire an interview IMMEDIATELY!

When the public decides your Employer Brand, you cannot influence the conversation because your company will be accused of “being defensive.”

Who Determines the Company Employer Brand?

Ideally, the leaders of a company determine the Employer Brand. They may determine they are too busy because it seems insignificant and “there are more important priorities to address.” True? Then they assign a group that is not qualified to create a brand – the Human Resource Department. This is not fair to the Human Resource Department. Unless there are Marketing trained professionals in HR, and rarely are they found in HR, they will create an Employer Brand that may reflect only what they hope is the ideal Brand.

They are not practiced in the research required to create a Brand. This is the equivalent of throwing a dart to determine the Employer Brand.

What Brand Will The Executives Commit to Support?

Are they willing to commit to employees who are critical thinkers who are courageous enough to properly challenge their proposed ideas and campaigns? Leaders who commit to listening to their Top Talent are the ones who retain their best employees. This practice builds the proper trust to retain the potential future Leaders for their companies. Ever hear of the term, “Succession Planning?” Succession Planning does not work when the executive beheads the talented employee who questions their decisions.

Once, I worked with a company whose President always needed to be the Smartest Person in the company. Every. Single. Executive who challenged the President’s decisions and proposals submitted their resignations shortly after they disagreed with the President. Coincidence? Probably not.

What is the Best Culture?

As a consultant, my counsel is the company leaders need to determine the best culture that fits their style. Understand that some cultures tend to work better with employees who are confident and competent to challenge other people’s thinking. Other cultures are somehow competent with a group of employees who “toe the line.” This is an Executive decision, not a department decision.

What happens when the Employer Brand is created by someone other than the Executive Leadership? Too often, the Employer Brand will then conflict with the decisions the executives choose to execute.

What Happens When the Employer Brand Conflicts with the Reality?

Leaders need to understand the consequences of their decisions, and more importantly, understand the Unintended Consequences. If they assign someone outside of the leadership ranks to create an Employer Brand, too often the brand does not reflect the reality inside their company. As the best candidates are recruited, they are picturing their Best Job Ever!

Then reality strikes like a hammer – and they realize they have either been fooled to believe the company was going to nurture their career or worse, find themselves in a toxic environment for them.

The company loses top talent – and the excuse was, “They did not fit in.” How often do leaders have to hear those words before they believe that perhaps the company’s culture did not match their Employer Brand?

The Employer’s Brand Needs to Mirror the Employee Experience

Most people will agree that “honesty is the best policy.” Some people thrive in different corporate cultures than other people. Certain employees love a consensus building culture. Other employees adore a top down culture. The constant is a person who loves a consensus building culture often despises a top down culture. They want their voice to be heard and appreciated.

Therefore, it is important to identify the Corporate Culture – and ensure the Culture Matches YOUR Employer Brand. Doing so ensures that your company attracts the best new employees for your culture.

Treated well, those employees will remain with your company for a long time.

Talent Attraction is Better than Talent Acquisition!

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