Executives, how many times have your managers complained they cannot seem to attract the best candidates through Human Resources – and need to hire a third-party recruiter to do so? May I let you in on a well-kept secret? Talent Attraction is a Sales Process, not an administrative process.

What skills do most Human Resource Directors desire in their department? Typically, the valued skills are administrative. Administer and run the following HR responsibilities – Benefits, Compensation, Employee Relations, Diversity, Ethics, Training and Development, Safety, Staffing Management, Technology (list from the SHRM website – SHRM Store – the world’s largest HR store). Talent Acquisition is an afterthought in the list. Given the list of Human Resource topics, hiring Administrators follows reason.

Previously, I suggested that Talent Attraction report to the C-Suite and not Human Resources. Based on the list on SHRM.org, does it not seem that the Society For Human Resource Management agrees?

Step ONE

Let us transform to Talent Attraction gradually.  The first step is to eliminate the requirement for professional candidates to complete an application before submitting a resume. This one requirement drives more top talent from applying to your positions than any other requirement. The best candidates have been down that road too many times without a conversation to spend their time completing an application.  Many of my readers have the same experience, including many Human Resource Professionals.

Step TWO

Replace an HR Administrator with a successful third-party Recruiter. This change will initially cost your company more money in compensation. However, over the first year, they will potentially save your company thousands of dollars in recruiting fees.  You incent other sales professionals in your company with commissions. I suggest paying quarterly bonuses with the requirement to meet agreed upon recruiting goals. The interviews should be conducted with the current Director or VP of Human Resources and the C-Suite Executive where Talent Attraction will report. This person needs to be the Executive’s selection.


Reinstate reference checks (if you stopped that practice). Remember the words Verify and Validate? That is the purpose of a reference check. Reference checks should be conducted by the Hiring Manager. Why? The Hiring Manager knows the most about the position. If the reference throws a flag during the response, the Hiring Manager should then probe why. Reference checks are The Best Way To Determine Cultural Fit if they are focused on the skills and the performance of the candidate as they relate to the position and company.

Those 3 Steps are Tactical Steps

Once you have accomplished those three tactical steps, it is time to become strategic. This is the moment your company plans the transition from Human Resources direct reporting to C-Suite reporting for Talent Attraction. Your company reorganizes other departments. This is quite simply another reorganization with different reporting responsibilities.

Within a year, you will see much better results with recruiting because you selected someone with a sales background to attract the best candidates.

Talent Attraction is Better than Talent Acquisition!

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