Sitting during a break in the National Speakers Association summer conference Influence 2021 today, my mind began to wander – “What would be an interesting Talent Attraction blog for my followers?”

Is Recruiting Different During Summer?

Yes – and No. Summer recruiting is different because of school. The children of candidates and managers are out of school. Everyone desires a change of scenery, particularly this year after 15 to 18 months of Covid-19 isolation.

How will this impact your recruiting program? It should not be a greater impact than normal. The timing provides an excuse for your candidates to take a day off to interview in the morning – and spend time in the afternoon with their children or a round of golf/tennis/reading.

People take time off all year, particularly when they may parlay a Friday off to create a 4 day weekend with a Monday Holiday.

You simply schedule around their vacations.

When Do Vacations Cost Your Company Candidates?

Poor planning. If a manager schedules their vacation at the same time they open a new position and do not assign another manager to interview, they risk losing great candidates.

Candidates have a 72 hour shelf life.  If a great candidate is not interviewed within 72 hours of the application, hiring becomes more difficult with each day lost.

Recently, a client of one of my recruiter friends experienced the downside of a candidate who was interviewed by the recruiter. The Hiring Manager was on vacation. Both had to wait 10 days before a manager was identified who would interview the candidate. Once the interim manager interviewed the candidate, his concern was the same as the recruiter’s – fear that someone else would hire the candidate before the company could move on them. Ultimately, it took another week before the hiring manager returned and interviewed the candidate.

Now the top candidate was being interviewed by another company that was able to make decisions quickly. Her client lost that candidate because of the candidate’s perception that the recruiter’s client was not truly interested in them.

How Do We Keep Our Company On Track?

Remember that Talent Attraction (Recruiting) is a Sales Process. Following the steps of the Sales Recruiting Process where you attract the interest of Top Talent, remember to engage with the candidates every 72 hours. Keep the process moving to indicate interest. If the Director is on vacation, ask the VP if they would interview the candidate. Now that is an interview that you can Sell – And demonstrate how interested the company is in the candidate. Do you know the additional benefit? If the VP needs to authorize a higher compensation, they will have already met the candidate.

Keeping the process and candidate’s interest in high gear helps you as the Recruiter deliver the candidate to your Manager and your organization.

Talent Attraction is Better than Talent Acquisition!

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