Three words that we rarely see connected – Cybersecurity and Talent Attraction. Yet, isn’t cybersecurity in the headlines daily? We hear about Ransomware, Phishing, Spearphishing, Vishing, Social Engineering, and other terms related to hacking into an organization’s computer network.

What is the common denominator? Humans and our curiosity. Impulse clicking has opened many companies’, government agencies’, hospitals’, and oil pipeline companies’ networks to hackers.

How Are These Attacks Connected To Talent Attraction?

The Tenth Step of the “Talent Attraction mirrors the Sales Process” is Onboarding, Step Eleven is Actuating (Engaging) Employees, Step Twelve is Retention. Yes, the Talent Attraction Process follows through Employee Retention.

I have been a Talent Attraction Consultant since my first recruiting contract in 1992. That contract was when MCI Telecommunications began to call me RecruiterGuy.

Today, my first day on contract with ESCO Group in Marion, Iowa, was the first time the client IT organization required me to take a 45 minute online course on Cybersecurity. They added me to their email network. Of course, they wanted me to understand the dangers of falling prey to these different hacker gambits.

For me, the course reinforced much information that I already knew. There were still important points made that caused me to pause.

One point that struck home was “Hackers attack 400 new companies daily.”

Does Your Organization Require Employees To Become Aware of Online Dangers?

Isn’t 45 minutes spent on an online course to prevent hacking your organization’s network worth the time? The additional benefit to your employees is this knowledge may prevent ID Theft in their personal lives.

Talent Attraction is Better than Talent Acquisition!

If you would like a conversation on how to ATTRACT talent instead of using an Applicant Tracking System or HRIS to screen them out, we should chat. Call me directly at 435-714-4425 (mountain).

I am available to consult with your company to improve your Top Talent Attraction strategy. Attracting and integrating Top Talent gives your company an industry edge. The process is worth the effort by improving productivity, innovation, and profitability – Look at Google, Tesla, SpaceX, and Apple. Retaining Top Talent keeps your industry knowledge inside your company – instead of with the competition.

The RecruiterGuy.com Top Talent Attraction business model is my differentiator.  I focus on one client at a time and charge a flat monthly fee.  This model enables me to attract new talent to your organization while identifying and suggesting improvements to your company’s Talent Attraction process, including Manager Interview Training.  https://recruiterguy.com/

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I help organizations Recruit, Onboard, Actuate, and Retain Top Talent.

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