What do Collegiate Football Coaches have in common with Business Executives? Succession Planning. Generally, who does a better job with Succession Planning? Collegiate Football Coaches.

Why? Football coaches know that, on average, the longest they will have a player in a starting position is 2 or 3 years. Therefore, they are always recruiting replacement players. Then they attempt to groom them to replace the starting player who moves on to the NFL or private life.

Do Business Executives have the same time frames to groom the staff – and plan to replace them? The response should be Yes. Unfortunately, too often Executives attempt to keep a top performer in the position where they demonstrate success. Why? They can’t fathom someone doing a better job than they.

Which Is Better – Stale Employees Or Promotable Employees?

When a Top Performer gets stuck in a position, what happens? The former top performer becomes stale and becomes one of the Good Old Reliable employees.  They no longer are creating new ideas nor actively participating. Their work becomes rote – until a recruiter calls them.

The recruiter asks them if they are happy with this dull job they have done for 4 years or more. In my experience recruiting, I only need to discuss an exciting new position where they will earn more income while enjoying their work life more. The potential for professional growth awakes their excitement. Soon, the manager who allowed their former performer to become bored finds themselves in the unenviable position of searching for a new employee – without planning for the replacement.

Does Succession Planning Always Work?

Remember, we are working with Humans. Nothing works all of the time, especially when trying to forecast the future.

What attracts top talented individuals? The promise of Professional Growth. If your company has the reputation for promoting Top Talent, you will attract Top Performers to your staff. Cisco was a perfect example. John Chambers, now retired CEO, valued hiring the best possible candidates. This reputation attracted the best Engineers.

His staff would groom their best performers to their next higher level position. This practice gave Cisco a funnel of talent to promote. This constant stirring allowed staff to grow and kept them engaged in developing the next great idea.

Does Succession Planning Work for Small Companies?

Isn’t succession planning more important in small companies? They have fewer employees developing ideas. When one top performer leaves, it is often more difficult to replace them.

Develop your employees and they will reward your loyalty. Many professionals working in a small company with interesting work, are only briefly tempted to move to a larger firm. They are afraid of becoming simply an anonymous machinery spoke without meaningful input into ideas.

Train, promote, and engage these top performers. Rarely will your company have to replace them with new candidates. The key is always to have professionals ready to step in their footprints – so you may be able to promote both of them.

This practice is key to growing a game-winning TEAM!

Talent Attraction is Better than Talent Acquisition!

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