What does it take to succeed in any venture? Passion to Succeed in that venture. After 40 years of Talent Attraction (recruiting) experience, my sense is the Passion to succeed in making a great match for both the Hiring Manager and the Candidate is more important than the skill required to do so.

Every new client and every search for that client, my passion is to succeed, not for me – I am paid a flat monthly fee. I am passionate to help the company make a match that benefits both sides – the candidate and the company.

Is that the same passion that drives you when you recruit? If so, you are either already successful or on the road to becoming much more successful in this business. 

Recruiting requires professionals to think on their feet because humans are So Dang Creative with their excuses and sometimes reasons.

Once, one of my candidates declined an offer with relocation because there was no one training Dressage for their HORSE within 50 miles!  There was no answer for that objection…

If you have been a Recruiter for a long time, you have your own stories. In retrospect, most of those reasons or excuses were the thermometer for the candidate’s interest or even, fit for the position.

Bill, Prove That You Are Passionate About Talent Attraction

For the past 62 weeks, without missing one week, I have written about my Talent Attraction passion on Tuesdays. Since I also coach professional career seekers (not the ones I am recruiting) in their search for their next career, I have written a JobSearch Friday blog every week, including Christmas and New Year’s, without missing a week.

My passion for the success of my clients and for the people I coach has been proven on a weekly basis for over a year.

My passion to succeed for my clients drives me.  What drives you?

How Many Recruiters Do You Know Are Driven?

I certainly know some in the Third Party world and a few in the Corporate world.  Unfortunately, very few HR Generalists are passionate about Talent Attraction. Why? Because they do not like sales – and recruiting mirrors the Sales Process perfectly.

Recently, I assisted my client to attract a skilled Senior Recruiter. During the interviews for the position, the candidates included a few HR Generalists. The difference in the recruiting skill of a third party experienced Recruiter during the interviews in comparison with the HR Generalists was stunning. Experienced, successful Recruiters are Sales Professionals.

Talent Attraction Sales is the most difficult type of sales because it requires the talent to be a conceptual sales professional like a life insurance agent, not a product sales professional like a car sales professional.

Human Resource Departments rarely hire nor promote Sales professionals. Why? Does your company want a sales professional investigating an Employee Relations issue? Not recommended. They do not know what to do with a skilled recruiter if there is no room for a Talent Attraction Director. Unlike many Sales departments, where top Sales Professionals may make more than their managers, Human Resources is too concerned with Equity to allow that to happen. Whose Equity?

How Do You Fan The Flames?

A person who is self-motivated fans their own flames. New sales professionals need a taste of success to fan their flames, possibly a spot bonus and certainly recognition. Personally, I am driven by recognition and success for my client. The income is important but succeeding for my client drives me.  What drives YOU?

Top Talent Attraction is the most important opportunity for a company to improve its operations, revenue, and profitability. Hire skilled recruiters to succeed in that attraction, not generalists.

Talent Attraction is Better than Talent Acquisition!

If you would like a conversation on how to ATTRACT talent instead of using an Applicant Tracking System or HRIS to screen them out, we should chat. Call me directly at 435-714-4425 (mountain).

I am available to consult with your company to improve your Top Talent Attraction strategy. Attracting and integrating Top Talent gives your company an industry edge. The process is worth the effort by improving productivity, innovation, and profitability – Look at Google, Tesla, SpaceX, and Apple. Retaining Top Talent keeps your industry knowledge inside your company – instead of with the competition.

The RecruiterGuy.com Top Talent Attraction business model is my differentiator.  I focus on one client at a time and charge a flat monthly fee.  This model enables me to attract new talent to your organization while identifying and suggesting improvements to your company’s Talent Attraction process, including Manager Interview Training.  https://recruiterguy.com/

Learn how I coach my Career Transition Clients in my most recent book – Employee 5.0: Secrets Of A Successful Job Search In The New World Order  http://amzn.to/2D9w39f  My book includes an appendix with action verbs and sample interview questions.

I help organizations Recruit, Onboard, Actuate, and Retain Top Talent.

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