In the third of a series of quarterly magazine articles for the Concrete Foundation’s  CONCRETE FACTS magazine, we discussed Employee Retention. This is both a company culture topic and a recruiting topic. Consider, the more workers your company retains means:

  1. You may grow faster when a new contract lands.
  2. There is less turnover, and therefore, less training to get employees up to speed.

We discussed an important secret that almost every person looking for a new job shared with me – they Hate looking for a new job. Their fantasy is this will be their last job until they retire. Of course, their work performance has a hand in whether their fantasy will come true – and so does their management.

Is it an integral part of your strategic plan to identify important employees to ensure that managers keep them engaged and motivated? Are your managers trained to encourage employees to achieve greater success within your company? My last line in this article is “Retained teams are more efficient and more profitable teams.”

As a Leading Talent Attraction Consultant, I work with clients to increase their retention. This is the link to the article – Is Your Company’s Practice to Plan for Top Employee Retention? : Concrete Facts Magazine Online

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