How many people today remain in the same field, and essentially the same job, for 40 years? As a recruiter, I can confidently say very few people stay in the same field and job for that long.

Amusingly, many times over the years, I was asked, “Why are you STILL JUST A RECRUITER since 1981?” Their eyes are huge as they ask in total disbelief.

Now their disbelief is something that I understand. Fewer than 1% of all professional recruiters last 10 years in this business – or until the first recession, depending upon which comes first.

The Key Is Passion

People who know me feel my passion for Recruiting or as I now refer to it, Talent Attraction. When you consider my career, it is a series of large and small accomplishments.

In the 1980s, my focus was on fee based contingent recruiting. My clients included companies primarily in the Washington, DC area. You may have heard of some of them.

My first client in 1981, at the time, was a little known long distance carrier, MCI Telecommunications. I introduced a very talented MVS Systems Programmer to them.  And I was off and running…well, not exactly running. My first year that introduction was my only successful introduction that paid a fee. Remember, this was a period when our economy was struggling with a bad recession coupled with terrible inflation. Did you want to purchase a house or automobile? Count on paying 16% interest on the loan.

That first introduction demonstrated that I could do this successfully! I fell in love with helping companies attract the talent that they needed to grow. Over the next couple of years, I created new business relationships with companies you know – The Washington Post, GEICO (no geckos back then!), and banks that by now how been bought so many times, no one remembers. MCI Telecommunications remained one of my favorite clients because they were responsive – and were the underdog to ATT. Within 4 years, I led my recruiting firm in fee production over 20 recruiters in 3 cities (Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C.) – and I was having FUN!

In 1990 (during another recession), I started my own business to create a unique model for what is known as “Contract Recruiting.” In 1992, my business signed its first contract with, appropriately, MCI Telecommunications. That contract was a game changer for me. My model was (and still is) to focus on one company at a time – and charge a flat monthly fee. This model enables me to consult and recruit.

My MCI contract was certainly challenging. I created the strategy to recruit and hire a minimum of 120 IT Professionals for their location in Cedar Rapids, IA in 12 months, as they transitioned their Commercial Billing IT organization from DC. The Managers and I needed to work as a team to make this project successful. The photo on this blog is known as The Palmer Building in downtown Cedar Rapids. The building was just remodeled and empty when we started recruiting. In those first 12 months, the Managers and I recruited 143 IT professionals. During the next 8 months, we recruited an additional 90 IT professionals. What an Amazing Rush!

How Do You Handle “JUST A RECRUITER?”

Generally, I chuckle. Then I respond, “Where else can I make a difference in company performance that I can make as a Recruiter by recruiting Top Talent to my client?” Followed by, “Where else can I make the positive impacts in people’s lives that I can by listening to their career desires, and introducing them to a company where they blossom in their careers.”

Since I love what I do, my business has blossomed from simply recruiting and coaching professionals who are out of work to speaking on both topics on stage, over 120 television interviews, radio and podcast interviews, writing 3 books (third will be published in August), and over a year’s series of Talent Attraction Tuesday and JobSearch Friday blogs.

No matter what you do, if you want to be happy, make positive, measurable impacts – and HAVE FUN!  Just like me.

Talent Attraction is Better than Talent Acquisition!

If you would like a conversation on how to ATTRACT talent instead of using an Applicant Tracking System or HRIS to screen them out, we should chat. Call me directly at 435-714-4425 (mountain).

I am available to consult with your company to improve your Top Talent Attraction strategy. Attracting and integrating Top Talent gives your company an industry edge. The process is worth the effort by improving productivity, innovation, and profitability – Look at Google, Tesla, SpaceX, and Apple. Retaining Top Talent keeps your industry knowledge inside your company – instead of with the competition.

The Top Talent Attraction business model is my differentiator.  I focus on one client at a time and charge a flat monthly fee.  This model enables me to attract new talent to your organization while identifying and suggesting improvements to your company’s Talent Attraction process, including Manager Interview Training.

Learn how I coach my Career Transition Clients in my most recent book – Employee 5.0: Secrets Of A Successful Job Search In The New World Order  My book includes an appendix with action verbs and sample interview questions.

I help organizations Recruit, Onboard, Actuate, and Retain Top Talent.

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