Seriously…how many Human Resource Departments are brimming full of Sales Professionals? How many Human Resource Departments have ONE Sales Professional? Not many. There are a few top Corporate Recruiters who are The Best, but not many.

Most Human Resource Departments hire Administrative Professionals for Talent Acquisition positions. It makes sense. When you peruse the responsibilities of most Human Resource departments, are the topics administrative related – or sales? These are the topics on the SHRM website –

  1. Behavioral Competencies
  2. Benefits
  3. California Resources
  4. Compensation
  5. Diversity & Inclusion
  6. Employee Relations
  7. Global HR
  8. Labor Relations
  9. Organizational & Employee Development
  10. Talent Acquisition
  11. Technology
  12. Specialized Workplace Topics

As a SHRM member, when I called Member Support last Spring 2020, I asked the support person to run down the list with me and tell me if the topic was administrative or sales. He replied that each was an administrative process. I suggested that Talent Acquisition mirrored the SALES Process perfectly. When he asked me what I expected him to do, I suggested that SHRM needed to get that message out to the HR membership.

Where Should Recruiting Report?

My feeling is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) would be the number one choice. The number two choice would be the Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

The Chief Operating Officer experiences the pain when the wrong people are hired. There may be production delays, estimating missteps, increased costs, missed deadlines, etc. caused by the wrong employees in positions. More than any member of the C-Suite, the COO is motivated that the best candidate is hired for each position. 

When positions remain open for months, they impact operations far more than they impact Human Resources.

The Chief Financial Officer knows the budget. If the recruiter has a strong candidate who may require a little more compensation than what was budgeted, the CFO (or CEO) is the person who may approve the compensation package. Best that the reporting is directly to the person who makes those decisions. Often the most talented candidates have more than one company interviewing them at the same time.

Ultimately, Who Is MOST Responsible For Their Team?

My suggestion is the Hiring Manager should keep a short list of prime candidates for their team. Think of University Athletic Directors. You can bet they have a list of coaches where they have relationships. If they need to fire a coach or one leaves for another school, They are on the phone immediately to the people on their list.

Recently, the University of Utah Basketball Coach position was only open for 11 days before the Utah AD announced a new coach.

The position was open less than 2 weeks.  It was the Athletic Director’s responsibility – and they took care of it. Did they have a shortlist? Yup!

I realize this practice is new for our times. Look over 50 years ago.  Managers were responsible for hiring their team and they made meaningful reference check calls to determine cultural fit.

Talent Attraction is Better than Talent Acquisition!

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  1. Thomas W Cantrell on March 30, 2021 at 5:44 pm

    Interesting approach, Bill.
    A great thought-provoking read.
    You are right on the money…
    …except, rather than bypass HR, I’d put a strong HR professional in the C-Suite.
    Why? Because financial resources management and control and physical resources acquisition and control (two of your three main resources – the third being people) are in the C-suite so why not have your most important resource represented there as well?
    Financial expertise and physical facilities expertise (and legal, etc.) and the skillset and mindset required to acquire and lead great people are wildly different.
    So if your human resource is your most important resource, then human resource performance management and leadership (including “talent acquisition” must also be at the table in the C-Suite.
    What do you think, my friend?

    • RecruiterGuy on March 30, 2021 at 5:54 pm

      Thomas, Thank you for a great comment! Generally, Human Resources does report to the CFO, COO, or CEO depending upon the size of the company. Therefore, HR does impact the Human Resource in the C-Suite. Their strength has proven to be in the administrative functions, not in the one Sales function.

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