What are 72 Hours? Remember that I have proven that Talent Attraction is a Sales Process? The concept of staying in touch with Candidates within 72 hours is the result of Psychological studies.

Put yourself in a Candidate’s shoes. How do you feel when a company seems to have forgotten you? Do you wonder about the company’s interest in you? Absolutely! “If they were interested in me, wouldn’t they stay in touch?”

As A Recruiter, What If I don’t Have Anything To Share With Them?

This may sound trite, but you may always have pertinent information. It is a matter of reviewing it with a candidate. Your integrity demands that it is important to tell the truth. The truth may be that the hiring manager is in the middle of a large project, and needs to give the project their full attention right now. Then you may say, “Let’s get together in 3 days. I will give you an update then. Nothing to be ashamed of – and you set the update for within the Magic 72 Hour limit.

There have been times over the last forty years of my recruiting experience where I told candidates that this is the reason they are needed – and it was true. Sometimes in the heat of the moment, the Manager does not understand the sooner they identify the best candidate, the sooner they will be able to work strategically.

But Why Are 72 HOURS Important?

You are building a relationship with the candidate. This relationship will determine if the candidate will believe you when you discuss the offer and counter-offer with them. Yes, it is important to bring up counter-offers before the candidate receives one.

The 72 Hours are important because studies show that people remember hard facts past 72 hours – Salary Range, PTO or Vacation, how much closer the company is to their house, etc. After 72 hours, they begin to forget the soft memories – why they want to work at the company and why they liked the Manager.  Then their brain begins to question how interested the company is in them as a potential candidate. Every 24 hours that is past the 72 Hours from your last contact without contacting the candidate, lessens your company’s probability of landing that candidate.

If it is not important enough to create a rule to contact a candidate within 72 hours of the last contact, you may as well simply tell them there is no further interest. That is what they are thinking anyway.

What If I Have Many Open Positions?

The reality is that companies fill positions one at a time. It may be Bam, Bam, Bam. The company still needs to interview, select, and extend offers. Then there are drug testing, background investigations, and reference checks.

If you do not stay in contact with your active candidates, you may lose them – maybe to me…

Staying In Contact Fills Positions

Never underestimate the value of creating a relationship with your candidates. They may not be hired for this opening in your company. They MAY be a solid candidate for another position. Using my relationship building skills, I have gone back to candidates over a hundred times and recruited them for a new position in my client company. You may do so also.

Contacting Candidates within 72 Hours of the last contact sets you apart as a Recruiter.

Talent Attraction is Better than Talent Acquisition!

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