Interviewed By Alina Tugend In The New York Times On PROFESSIONAL SALARY NEGOTIATION

Salary negotiations generally are uncomfortable experiences for most candidates. Why would your employer teach you how to better negotiate your salary? Most University Professors have never negotiated salary. Their salary was set when they started.

For the past 40+ years, my experience as a Talent Attraction Consultant exposed me to the worst efforts in salary negotiations by candidates – and very few candidates who were very good with their negotiations. As a Coach for Professionals in their search, my #SalaryNegotiation advice is beneficial to every professional in their #JobSearch. My recent book, EXPECT SUCCESS! The Science Of The Over 50 Career Search (available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and even Walmart online!) has a script for you to use in your salary negotiations.

This is the link to Alina Tugend’s article in the NY Times where she interviewed several professionals, including me – Job Hunting’s Delicate DanceJob Hunting’s Delicate Dance – The New York Times (

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