Recruiting Top Talent in November and December makes sense – even if it seems counter-intuitive.  As a fee based recruiter for my first 11 years, my Best Fee Months were December and January of the new year, when other recruiters felt it was a waste of time to recruit.

3 Reasons to Attract Top Talent in November and December

  1. Top Talent is receptive to great opportunities at any time of the year. They receive fewer calls in November and December because most companies halt active recruiting during that period. The Executives are looking at their budgets and do not want to add talent at the end of their budget year. Therefore, your company has less competition for Top Talent over the Holidays!
  2. Generally, people are more willing to pick up the phone over the Holidays because it may be someone they know.
  3. Top Managers use this time to search for Top Talent to interview and offer in late November and early December. Typically, they give the first Monday in January as the start date (new budget year). The result is they have Top Talent starting when other managers are only beginning their search for new employees.

In our weird Covid-19 year, there is Top Talent available because many companies throw the Top Talent out with the bathwater.  Raytheon announced they are cutting 15,000 professionals now. Do you feel they are carefully choosing who they lay off? Not likely…more likely is the broadsword will swing and layoff everyone in sight.

This is Prime Time to Recruit Top Talent!

Smart employees in a company that is laying thousands of professionals off, by definition, are mostly Top Talent. Instead of burying their heads in the sand to avoid the inevitable broadsword, They are actively searching – or are available when I come calling.

I am always open to help companies who are actively laying off talent. Think of me as Dr. RecruiterGuy. I am relieving those companies of their stress and attracting top talent to my client – who will better appreciate the Top Talent!

Favorite Holiday Recruiting Stories

I will give you a story from 1987 and a story from December 2019 to prove this is true.

My client was COMSAT Labs in Germantown, MD. They were one of my best clients. I was so on target with their needs that I only introduced one person to the Data Center Manager for each open position – And they hired them!

In early December 1987, I received a call from the Data Center Manager that they were opening a position for a CICS (you older IT professionals remember CICS!) Systems Programmer.

As was my practice in those years (that continues today), I heavily sourced top talent each month. Then presented the Top Talent to my clients.  

When you work hard, timing pays off!  During Thanksgiving week, I networked my way to Patti in Baltimore. She was not happy in her current position. We built a relationship where I guaranteed her I would not forward her resume anywhere before running the company and position past her. The result of our conversation was the targeted knowledge of her desired position and company.

When I received the call from COMSAT Labs Data Center Manager, I told Sam that I knew EXACTLY who he needed to interview. Since my practice was (and still is) to phone interview every candidate, it took a week to phone interview Patti. Initially, she was a little reticent about interviewing and potentially moving to Germantown, MD.

Sam and I spoke. Since Patti was taking Christmas Eve off, and driving to southern Virginia to visit family, we would propose to interview Patti on Christmas Eve morning. Patti could drive past COMSAT Labs on the way to Virginia. She agreed and her interview was set.

Sam called me shortly after 1 PM on Christmas Eve. He said that he and his managers were So Impressed with Patti that they invited her to their informal potluck lunch so she would not have to stop a second time during her drive. Over lunch, she met the staff while Sam and his Managers discussed Patti’s skills and her fit with their team. After lunch, Sam asked Patti to stop by his office – where he extended an offer to her. She drove to Virginia with a Christmas present!

On Christmas night, Patti called me. She said, “I have a Christmas present for you! I decided to accept the COMSAT Labs offer!  I will turn in my notice tomorrow and start the 2nd week of January. Please call Sam tomorrow!”

You may be saying, “Sure. That happened over a generation ago. Do you have any recent examples?”

Last December, my client was a cybersecurity company. Two enterprise-level sales professional candidates for two Vice Presidents interviewed in early December. They accepted offers in mid-December – and both requested Christmas week start dates for benefit and bonus reasons. The early start gave them a head start on 2020 sales production for bonus reasons (you can tell they were Great Sales Professionals with that reasoning!).

Any questions? Now is the time of year to truly focus on your search for Top Talent!  Last year, six professionals who were searching for new careers that I coached, accepted offers during December, thus proving that I am The Candidate Whisperer!

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I am available to consult with your company to improve your Top Talent Attraction strategy. Attracting and integrating Top Talent gives your company an industry edge. The process is worth the effort by improving productivity, innovation, and profitability – Look at Google, Tesla, SpaceX, and Apple.

The Top Talent Attraction business model is my differentiator.  I focus on one client at a time and charge a flat monthly fee.  This model enables me to attract new talent to your organization while identifying and suggesting improvements to your company’s Talent Attraction process, including Manager Interview Training.

Learn how I coach my Career Transition Clients in my most recent book – Employee 5.0: Secrets Of A Successful Job Search In The New World Order  My book includes an appendix with action verbs and sample interview questions.

I help organizations Recruit, Onboard, Actuate, and Retain Top Talent.

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