When your company decides to create a new Executive position or replace an Executive who has departed, do you require candidates to participate in Pre-Hire Assessments? The proper assessments help your Executive team choose the best candidate to hire.

How Do We Choose The Best Assessments?

For the response to this question, I reached out to an expert, Mary Hezel Martin of Hezel CultureSmart (Hezel CultureSmart – Solutions • Profit • Success (hezelprofile.com)).  Mary and I both worked with the same client in the past. She is knowledgeable about the most appropriate assessments for the Company and the Executive Candidate.

Appropriately, her response was, “It depends…upon the company, their culture, the Executive Team, the position, and the organization’s expectations.”  We did delve into which assessments are appropriate for independent candidate selection.

These are assessments that your company should investigate:

  1. Personality Assessments where the Executive Candidates are measured on Honesty, Integrity, Conscientiousness, Dominance, Emotional Stability, Management Style, and other factors. An example is the 16 PF (one of the most researched personality assessments).
  2. Assessments on an Executive’s Cognitive Learning Ability. Wonderlic is one of the best known assessments. You may have heard that the NFL administers Wonderlic to their Draft Choices (It is fun to see how your Quarterback scored! May explain some things…).
  3. Assessments that measure an adult’s reading comprehension and numerical abilities.  This is important for Executives for their decision making. Unlike children, once we reach adulthood, we rarely improve our reading comprehension and math skills.
  4. Based on my experience over the years, for Executive positions, I suggest the psychologist interview the candidates as an element included in the assessment.

What Assessments Should We Avoid for Executive Selection?

Some assessments are fine once a person begins a new position, however, they are not recommended for candidate selection. One of those is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. It is fine to use for understanding how best to work with members of your team but it is not recommended for candidate selection because the results may be manipulated by the candidate.  Myers-Briggs may also be used to create a growth strategy.

Another assessment that may be utilized after a candidate is hired is the Enneagram. It recognizes 9 personality traits. “Results include type descriptions, structural patterns, as well as relationship and growth suggestions for each type.” (from Apple.com)

Therefore, some assessments are valid for candidate selection.  Other assessments have value for personal and team relationships and growth.

Bottom Line

Personality and Cognitive assessments will assist Executive teams in their selection of the best candidate for their company and Executive team. My suggestion is to find an assessment firm that resonates with you to administer the assessments. It will be worth the expense to select the best qualified candidate – who is also the best fit for the team.

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