Where do many career seekers feel the greatest pain? Salary Negotiation. Few people have been taught how to successfully negotiate fair compensation. Too often, people fall into the trap of taking the negotiation process personally. Of course, it is easy to understand why because the negotiation impacts their income.

Please understand that Salary Negotiation is a business transaction. You are selling your service as an Employee to this potential new Employer. Remember, your “FAIR” is not necessarily the Organization’s “FAIR.” The goal is to find Compensation that works for both parties. The Hiring Manager needs to assess your skills, experience, and attributes. Then compare your skills, experience, and attributes to other members of your new team. In a pure world (and there is no pure world), the manager would be able to offer you the compensation that matches exactly where you fit within your new team consisting of men and women.

The First Party To Put A Number On The Table Loses Leverage

Remember this fact. In the recruiting process, the cards are stacked against the candidate – Especially a candidate who is not skilled in Salary Negotiation. What is my third question when on a phone screen with a candidate? “What level of Compensation do you seek?”

I cannot coach the candidates that I am presenting to my recruiting clients. There are times when I wonder what the candidate is thinking.

For instance, there have been conversations with male candidates who tell me they need enough compensation so their wife may quit her job and become a stay at home Wife/Mom. I ask them if they feel that is a company issue or a family issue? This is not a strong negotiation point. Do you pay someone more money than the existing team for that reason?

This example demonstrates that these individuals do not understand the business side of the negotiation. If you read my blogs consistently, you know that I coach companies that Talent Attraction mirrors the Sales Process perfectly. The same is true of your Career Search, it also mirrors the Sales Process perfectly.

How Do Companies Stack The Salary Negotiation Process?

This makes total sense when you consider that the Human Resource Department in most companies is an Administrative/Compliance function. They want every candidate to follow their process – and like it, darn it!

I have attended Human Resource conferences over 40 years of recruiting, sometimes as a speaker on Recruiting. There are times when you capture the moment better in the halls between sessions. Many times, I heard one Human Resource Rep telling another, “If candidates don’t want to follow OUR Process, we are not interested in them.” Do they understand they are in a Sales Process?  No.

Many organizations force professionals to complete an application before Allowing them to submit a resume. If you had to complete an application every time before you enter a Walmart, would you walk into a Walmart? Absolutely not! It appears that Walmart’s operations understand sales better than Human Resource Departments.

Let us look at the application that they want you to complete before allowing you to simply submit your resume. First, it generally takes 20 to 30 minutes to complete the application – then you never hear from them again.

What questions do they ask on the application? “What is your Salary Requirement?” and except for 22 states where companies may no longer ask for a current salary or salary history, they ask for that information.

Unfortunately, this process perpetuates the Gender Wage Gap for Women. Why? Many companies will give a percent increase over a current salary. When these companies give a male, who is earning 20% more than a similarly skilled Woman, a 10% raise above his current salary, his offer will be more than a Woman who receives a 10% raise. With this process, Women fall further and further behind men in compensation.

How Do I Avoid putting a number in Salary Requirement and Salary History?

Since this is a blog and not a book, I will give you a short answer. The Human Resources departments are compliance functions. They are only interested if you are a Perfect Fit. If you have all of the skills but write a number for compensation that is higher than their company’s range, buzz! You are no longer under consideration.

In their compliance role, they told the companies that create the Application Tracking Systems (ATS) and Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) they only want a compensation number, not letters where you may spell “Open” or “Negotiable”. With this process, candidates take a dart and pick a number (hoping that it doesn’t disqualify them). The Salary Negotiation cards are stacked against candidates.

This is my suggestion – simply write the number “1” and click submit.

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You can do this!

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