In my dependable, old Webster’s dictionary, “Gravity” is defined as “weight, heaviness.” In your search for your next career, is it possible that you are feeling weight from all of the elements of grief that you are experiencing?

Of course, some of the people that I coach claim they are not grieving the need to find another job, they are just “in a little bit of a funk.”

What Are The Potential Sources Of Gravity?

One of your greatest sources of heaviness at the beginning of your Career Search is your brain. Our brains are wonderful…until they are not.

You are in control of your brain. That is your good news! There is the occasional need to train your brain. Here are some of the messages that your brain may be sending you:

  1. You will Never find another job at your age. Or,
  2. You will Never find a new career that pays as well as your last position. Or,
  3. Nobody is hiring. Or, well you see my point.

Then your well-meaning friends pile on with a statement like, “Oh I am so sorry to hear about your job loss.”

All of these thoughts and statements amount to great weight on your mind. Gravity!

How Do I Defy GRAVITY?

Defying Gravity requires self-control and the decision to grow your self-confidence. You can do this!  Initially, your task feels insurmountable. Then as you begin to experience small successes, your confidence grows slowly at first. Greater success brings greater self-confidence.

There are 3 steps to initially gain confidence.

  1. Take two pages of legal paper (because it has more lines!). At the top of one sheet, write the word “Professional.” On the top of the second sheet, write “Personal.” List all of your skills, experience that you are proud of, and attributes. Professional skills, experience, and attributes on the Professional sheet. Personal on its sheet. Wash back through both sheets and put an asterisk next to the skills, experience, and attributes that create pride, and you enjoy. Then create stories that demonstrate your success with those skills, experience, and attributes. Can you feel some of your confidence returning?
  2. Now list EVERYONE you know. They do not need to be friends. They may be people you worked with in the past, family, LinkedIn connections, people who are fellow parents, people from religious services – EVERYONE!
  3. Now create what I refer to in my books as your “Here I AM!” speech. You have heard it called an Elevator Speech or One Minute Commercial. Structure it this way – the first minute discusses your experience with one or two quick accomplishments. Then discuss why you are now looking for a new position (Laid off/No growth potential/Company is failing, etc.), Then, What I would like to do next is ___. Finally, “Who would you recommend that I call? (Or better yet, Would you introduce me to them?”)

These 3 initial steps go a long way towards rebuilding your confidence. They keep your brain occupied making positive steps. Best of all, they get the focus off of the negatives.  Now that you are rid of that heaviness, you are prepared to


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