Candidates are interviewing daily. Why are some people selected – and others are not? Do the candidates who receive offers have better skills? Are they more knowledgeable? Are they more likable? What is the differentiator that determines who receives an offer? This is not magic.

What Is The First Truth?

Most managers have never been formally trained on effective interviewing. If they have not been trained to effectively interview, they certainly have not been trained how to select the Best Candidate.

WOW! Let that truth settle in a bit…What have you learned from that tidbit of important information? Generally, it is not necessarily better skills that separate candidates from one another.

What Is The Second Truth?

Managers WANT candidates to succeed in their interviews! Once a candidate makes it through the screening process, the manager wants at least one of the applicants to succeed and receive an offer.  They want You to SUCCEED. Then receive and accept an offer!

Many managers have handed me an offer sheet for a job seeker. While looking at the offer, I watch the manager adding the potential employee’s name in their meeting calendar.  I ask, “What are you doing?” and the response is ALWAYS the same. “I am adding them to meetings I would like them to participate. There is only one small detail – I have not yet extended the offer. No Pressure, RecruiterGuy!

What Is The Third Truth?

If the manager has not been trained to interview, they try to hire someone “who looks like them.”  Is it discrimination? Possibly not intentional discrimination. Their logic is, “I was successful in this position. Therefore, I should offer the job to someone who had similar experience and skills that I had in that position.”

When I debrief a manager who says, “This person feels good in my gut.” My flags begin to fly. Often, I Respond, “Guts are good for storing and processing food – not for selecting the best candidate.”

What Do These Truths Mean For You?

Let us take the Truths in Reverse order. How can you make your experience and skills look like the manager’s background? It is certainly easier today. Look the interviewing managers up on LinkedIn. Did any work in the same companies where you worked? Do you have the same degree or certifications? Did you attend the same colleges/universities? Better yet, were you in the same major? Did you play the same sport, musical instrument, plays, etc? Do you have the same charitable passions? Do they have service club plaques on the wall?  Do you feel where we are headed?

Remember to mention these similarities to the manager when you meet.  You are beginning to “Look” like them.

The Second Truth is the Manager wants you to succeed in the interview. They are ROOTING for your success! Doesn’t that seem counterintuitive? They want to MANAGE, not interview and wait to find the right person. Therefore, once you have been invited to interview, It is important to Expect Success! Visualization of success is important in every endeavor – Sports, the Arts, the Job Search. Visualize success – and you will succeed.

The First Truth is most managers have not been formally trained how to interview effectively. Talented applicants may use this to their advantage. If you do not have specific experience but have the related experience that transfers to this position, create a story or your experience that you have the proper skills and experience based on your transferable skills. Build your story on the 4 W’s.

  1. What was the Challenge or Experience?
  2. What were your Analysis and Action?
  3. What was the Result?
  4. What did you learn from this experience?

Following this guidance greatly improves your opportunity to receive an offer.

What Is The Magic Finish To Your Interview?

If you are excited about the position as it was laid out to you during the interview, Tell The Manager. I cannot believe how many people “forget” to let the manager know they are interested. Better yet, ADD Why you are interested. You are now prepared to Interview for your Dream Career!

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