Research shows that we talk to ourselves 90% of the time. No wonder we enjoy speaking with our friends, co-workers, and even strangers! We are bored with the same old, same old…Have you received an idea or suggestion from your brain? Sometimes, for me, those ideas hit me at 2 AM.  Then my brain keeps telling me to get up and write! When I get up in the middle of the night, my wife asks me if I am okay. Our code has become, “The words just have to get out!”

How often do you act on those ideas? How many times have you seen a new invention and wished that you acted on that suggestion years ago when you received the idea – and did not act? I have experienced that feeling a couple of times, then rationalized it away with, “I’m not a mechanical engineer/electrical engineer/inventor, etc.”

What about Your Career Search?

Have you read suggestions on how to improve your Career Search? Initially, you thought, “What a great idea!” or “How clever!” Then you did not act on what you heard or read. You are not alone. There is one common denominator – FEAR. We all experience Fear at different points in our life. We may experience fear during athletic competitions – “Do I Have to Tackle HIM?” We may experience fear in academic situations, especially if we are in company with brilliant people who want to lord that brilliance over us. We may experience fear when driving a vehicle (many times). Some people experience fear when having to speak in front of a group. Others when flying in an airplane. We all experience fear. No one stands alone without fear.

How To Overcome Fear in Your Job Search

When I coach professionals in their Career Search, I mention that networking is the Best Way to find your next career. Many of the professionals I coach will then open their eyes with fear and say, “I Do Not Know how to Network!” Generally, I smile and say, “You have been networking all of your life – and did not realize it.”

You began networking as a 4 year old when you asked, “Where did ya get Dat?” Then, when you were in college, you asked who was the best professor for a course? Later, you asked friends, “Who is a great mechanic, where should I buy tires, who is a great realtor, etc.?” You have practiced for this moment all of your life! With that new realization, we may move on.

Let us remove fear from networking for your career. Your brain certainly has made that suggestion but you shut the idea down. To remove fear from networking for a new job (74% to 76% of all jobs are filled through networking), try this exercise. Create a list of names and phone numbers among your friends, family, and associates. Practice calling one of them per day for the first week. Ask them if they would mind helping you perfect your introduction for networking to a new job.

In my books, I call it your “Here I Am!” speech (You heard it referred to as a one minute commercial or elevator speech). This is how it is structured – the first minute briefly describes your experience, then you add, “The reason I am searching for a new position new is…” Then you say, “What I would like to do next is…” Finally, you ask, “Who do you feel I should contact next?” Depending upon your connection, this may be only a 20 minute conversation. That is not an imposition!  Everyone needs a break. Begin with speaking with one new person a day regarding your search the first week, two new people per day the 2nd week, three new people per day the third week. Then begin calling 4 new people per day the fourth week until you accept a new career position. Now you are in the groove to find a new position in 90 days! Congratulations! It needs to be a consistent effort. You can excel at this effort because you determine your effort level. The calls improve your chances to find a job sooner than later.

Your brain is pretty smart! Listen to your brain’s suggestions on networking and tweaking your “Here I Am!” speech. Your brain will be excited that you are finally listening to it!

Networking is the best practice to find a new career!  I wrote my books to duplicate my efforts to assist you in your search. My expert experience as both a Recruiter and Career Coach gives me a perspective few professionals have. My Salary Negotiation script solves that pain point for most career seekers. To accelerate your #Jobsearch, please immediately click on this link to my recent book, Employee 5.0: Secrets Of A Successful Job Search In The New World Order – http://amzn.to/2D9w39f  My book contains the 12 Steps to find a new career in a nice, orderly fashion that follows your sales process.  According to a newspaper review, “It is refreshing to find an author who speaks With you and not At you!” It also has the stories of people who did well – and some who did not. You may learn from both sides.

If you feel the need for professional Career Coaching, my business has 3 different packages. I work closely with Professionals in all three packages. The primary difference is the time and personal requirements.

The first package is the 2 meetings Introductory Package.  The 2 meetings cover the basics of a Career Search.

The second package is the 6 month Gold Package. This package provides you with Career Search guidance and Career Coaching for your first months in your new position.

The third package is the Titanium package. Call me for details on this package because it is tailored specifically for the individual.

My Talent Attraction business model is to work with one company at a time and charge a flat monthly fee.  This enables me to become part of a company’s team for short or long periods.  Therefore, I know what is going on behind the curtain that candidates and authors outside of my field cannot see.

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