As a full-time recruiter for the past 40 years, I have stories…boy do I have stories of how candidates who were about to interview with a company that was VERY Interested in them or even some who were about to receive an offer, found creative ways to shoot themselves in the foot. Were they up all night finding their way to destroy their offer?

Respect the Time Of The Interviewer

If you will be late for an interview because of traffic, a flat tire, a dinosaur attack, please call the manager to let them know that you will arrive late. If you are driving, your GPS lady or guy will be happy to demonstrate how smart they are and tell you Exactly when you should arrive.

Even worse, if you decide for any reason to skip the interview, please give the company notice.

One candidate made my books.  I set an interview for him with the CEO of a company that I knew personally. Both sides seemed excited to meet the other.

On the day of the interview, he stood up the CEO. He called neither the CEO nor me. When the CEO called and asked me where the candidate was, I truthfully told him I had no idea. I called the candidate and asked the candidate why he did not show for the interview, he said, “I heard he was a jerk to work for.” Then I asked, “Why did you fail to call me?” His reply? “I was afraid you would try to talk me into going to the interview anyway.”

What impact did the lack of respect have on the candidate’s career? I would never work with him again. AND, he did try again 10 years later…

I was on contract with an international renewable energy firm. He called me pretending to be someone referring him (How do people think this will work?). I told him that I recognized his voice. He laughed. Then told me that he was very interested in this position with my new client. I asked him about his experience since the last time we spoke. His experience did not apply to this position. I nicely told him that he was not qualified.

He did not accept my decision and called the VP of my client complaining that I refused to introduce him to her. She called me and asked me why I refused to refer him for her position. After I told her about his experience, she thanked me for not wasting her time. Then I told her how he treated the CEO. She wrote his name down – never to be brought in for an interview.

These are mistakes where you will never be forgiven.

Respect Recruiter Coaching

Sometimes, true stories are better to convey than words in a blog.

This recruiting contract was with a really cool company along Route I-81 north of Roanoke, VA. They sold Sprint products through retail stores along I-81 to Pennsylvania, created the network that Sprint used along I-81, and had their own cable company. The company began as a telephone company and was 100 years old.

My recruiting responsibilities included both corporate positions and retail store clerk positions. They were technologically advanced with their mobile and cable networks. On the other hand, they were conservatively dressed in their headquarters, think NYC corporate jacket and ties. Their dress was very different than you would expect in western Virginia. This was the reason I coached every corporate candidate to wear a suit and tie or women to wear a professional suit.

One morning, an accounting candidate appeared for their 10 AM interview. The receptionist called me to tell me that he was here. Then she whispered that he was casually dressed.

My jaw dropped when I saw him. He was very casually dressed! Once he was in my office, I asked, “What did you not understand when I suggested that you wear a jacket and tie?” He said, “I did not think you were serious.”

His interview was very short. I did not even see him leave.

If you are lucky enough to be coached before an interview, accept the coaching.

If Reception Asks You To Complete An Application…

Do not argue with them. Simply complete the application! Human Resources is not Whole Foods. Think of the HR organization as a compliance organization, not a retail store where you may just go in and get what you want.

My client was a corporation whose name you would probably recognize. If a candidate did not complete an application that they were sent prior to their interview, they were asked to complete it in the lobby.

One self-important candidate declined to complete the application in the lobby. When I greeted him in the lobby, I asked for his application. He said, “I did not complete the application.” When I asked him, ”Why not?” He replied, “I decided to wait until I was interested in the position.” The Director of Human Resources asked me to escort him out of the office. He made his choice before the interview but did not realize it until it was too late. He was not a cultural fit.

Save yourself the pain. Learn from these candidates that one seemingly small bad decision can change your life for the worse. All three people lost amazing opportunities because of their decisions.

Respect other people and they will respect you.

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