There is an interesting paradigm in our strange world right now. There are still 13 million people out of work, many of whom are professionals. Additionally, many employed professionals have decided to leave their current companies at this time. I interviewed a very qualified candidate this evening. The two professionals that I recruited for my last client a month ago also were working elsewhere.

What Do Most Career Seekers Have In Common?

They are reticent about asking hiring managers the very questions they seek (for the most part). The best managers, the ones you should want to work for, seek courageous people to report to them. They want direct reports to challenge their thinking in a positive fashion. Why? Improvements only come from change.

The opportunity to see things differently creates tremendous potential for personal growth. This is the moment in your career that you fondly remember because your creative juices are fired up and your contributions may create tremendous revenue growth. Isn’t that potential something we dream of when we are younger?

What If Asking A Direct Question Backfires – And Costs Me A Job?

My feeling is the manager will determine in those moments if they are the best manager for your career growth – or not. They may not have the self-confidence to manage a confident direct report. Do you want to report to someone who feels threatened by your questions? Your career depends upon your response. If that manager is afraid of you, they will not hire you. Isn’t that your preference?

I made the mistake of accepting an offer from someone who felt threatened by me once in my career. My time at that company was the stuff of nightmares. I did the best I could but their torpedoes helped me to decide to leave.

What Questions Should I Ask?

These questions are samples. Feel free to use them or to create your questions based on the tenor of your interview.

How will you determine if my year was successful?

Where can I grow within your organization?

Why did the incumbent leave?

What are your goals for the next year? Where do you see me fitting in?

What about attaining your goals keeps you up at night? Where may I assist you?

Can you visualize my contributions to your organization?

I like to meet and exceed my goals. What are my 3 month, 6 month, 9 month, and 12 month goals for the coming year? (If they cannot answer that question, how will they determine whether you met your goals or targets?)

What do you feel your direct reports feel are your strengths?

Is there any area where you feel the organization is falling short, and I may assist the team to maximize our performance?

There is no perfect question – because there is no perfect human.

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