#JobSearch #Friday 3 Key Interview Tips

Far too often, candidates try to “wing” their interviews. Then they do not understand why the company offered “their” job to someone else.

Preparing for an interview requires the same preparation that is required to make a successful sales preparation. Would you like to hear the good news? The preparation is easier today than 20 years ago because of the improved information available on the Internet.

Tip #1 Research

Once I finish with the administrative information, my first question to candidates is, “What do you know about my client (ABC Company)?” The responses I receive intrigue me because many times I receive a very vague response.

If your response regarding my client is vague, what information are you unintentionally sharing with me?

  1. I am applying for any position with a job title that interests me.
  2. Your client is just a company with an opening with the right title.
  3. I did not feel that researching companies is an important use of my time.

Is this how you want your interviewer to feel? Not if you want an offer.

How do you research a company?

  1. Go to their website and see how they present themselves to their clients, investors, and the general public.
  2. If they have a Press & Media webpage, this page may provide important information on why they may be interested in you as a candidate (if you share the Why that you now know during the interview).
  3. Go to their Careers page and re-read their job description. Anticipate their questions based on the job description – and prepare your stories that demonstrate your skills and experiences related to those responsibilities. (You may need to demonstrate how your experience relates to filling their need)

Go To LinkedIn

Ask the HR Recruiter who is interviewing you. Then take their names and look them up on LinkedIn.

We live in an amazingly small world for the 332,915,073 people living in the US. You may have attended the same college/university as the manager (providing a topic to discuss). You may have worked in the same company and knew the same people. (Gives you names of people who may be able to discuss the manager with you)

Click on the name of the company in their profile to see if anyone you know currently works there. If so, call them to tell them you are interviewing with the Manager. What can they tell you about the company and their style of interviewing?

Your research prepares you for your interview by gaining information on the culture, how they interview (one on one or panel), and why they are searching for YOU right now.

Importance Of A Written Thank You Note

How many people have written you a Thank You note in the past 10 years? Have more than two people written you a thank you over the last 10 years? Your response demonstrates the impact of a simple written Thank you card, and the impression it leaves with the recipient.

In your Thank you note, thank the Manager for their time, discuss why the position is interesting to you, and that you would love to be a member of their team.

What powerful impression does this make on the hiring manager? More importantly, since you mail it to them it is a new reminder of your skills and Respect.

Utilizing these 3 key tips will improve your interview success rate.

You can do this!

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See you on Fridays!

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