Some of you know the introduction to a network connection as the “Elevator Speech” or the “One Minute Commercial”.  In my books, I refer to it as the “Here I AM!” speech because it tells the Tale of You in one minute or so.

As the professional career coach of over 1000 successful job-seeking clients since 1985, many times the pushback from professionals when I coached them to network to a job was, “What do I say to them?”

My business pivots with the economy.  If the employment market is exploding, my focus is on talent attraction recruiting and consulting.  When the employment market tanks, my focus is on people like you who are looking for their next position – not any position – the ONE Position you want. Therefore, you are reading a post from a rare professional who is an expert on both the Recruiting and Your Job Search.

The Career Transition industry, whose focus is primarily on people who lost their jobs, track the metrics of the successful people.  Over the past 45 years, the most successful way (74% to 76%) to find a new career position is to network to the position.  Unfortunately, not all professionals embrace networking.  Many decide to look online and post a resume and application – and pray the right person is looking at their resume (Post and Pray Job Search).  The Career Transition industry has found that less than 10% of new jobs are found this frustrating way.

Why Is Posting For a Job Online So Unsuccessful?

Keeping in mind that I consult in companies who have Amazing Talent Attraction processes, and others that are tied to the old feudal processes in Human Resources, these are my observations. 

In the companies where the HR Department does anything to keep me from helping them (like forcing me to take a HIPPA course before allowing me to use their Applicant Tracking System to find YOUR resume – and after successful completion, denied access), they typically find a new college grad to identify resumes.  The training is basic.  This person does not know the job requirements (beyond an old job description).  What possibly could go wrong?

This is why your resume languishes in the Applicant Tracking System, never to be found.

Structure of Your “Here I AM!” Speech

After greeting the networking contact, you need to “Tell Them About Yourself” (Remember your interviews?)

This speech is roughly one minute.

The first 30 seconds are about your background, including one or two accomplishments (These help the networking contact begin to consider who may be interested in your skills).

Then follow for a couple of seconds, “The reason I am looking for a new position is…”  (I was one of several hundred people who were laid off due to…Covid-19/recession/no room for growth etc.)

The next step is very important. “What I would like to do next is…”  This step is important because now the recipient of your call begins to consider who in their network is best for you to contact.

Many people get to this next step in the call and choose the wrong question to ask.  The best question to ask at this point is “Who do you feel I should contact next?”  (You don’t want them “thinking”, you want them “Feeling”. The response with a name will be faster).

Can You Give Me An Example “Here I AM!” Speech?

This is the best “Here I AM!” speech I have ever heard.  The person was an Avionics Engineer who was laid off post 911.  He was having a difficult time creating his “Here I AM!” Speech because he was trying to memorize it.  This speech needs to come from your heart.  I took him outside and asked him to tell me the story of a gnarled old tree’s life.  I helped him feel emotion in that tree.  Then I asked him his “Here I AM!” speech.  The emotion was waiting to get out!  Here is his speech.  Yours will be different and reflect your life and career.

“When I was a child, we lived on a farm. My Dad had a small plane and we had a grass landing strip near our house.  When I was 3 years old, he would take me flying every Sunday afternoon.  I would imagine I was flying our plane.  At age 9, I set a goal to earn my Driver’s license and Pilot’s license when I turned 16.  And I Did!  When I graduated from High School, I went into the Air Force.  They trained me to be an Avionics Technician.  After some years, they sent me to school and I became an Avionics Engineer.  After 20 years, I left the Air Force to become an Avionics Engineer with ABCD Company.  If you are an American Airlines 767-400 pilot, American Airlines and my company trusted me to create the menu on your flat panel display.

As a result of 911, my company had to lay off 800 engineers and I was one of them. 

What I would like to do is go to work as an Avionics Engineer for a company where I can make flying safer for the Pilots and the People they fly.

Who do you Feel I should speak with next?”

Can you feel his passion for his life work?  Two weeks and Twenty networking calls later, he found a great new position making flying safer for pilots and the People they fly – maybe you and me!

May I write My “Here I AM!” Speech

Absolutely!  When you read it, pretend you are speaking from your heart – and SMILE.  After 10 times reading it, your speech will come from your heart.

This practice will help you meet the right person to propel your career forward.

I know because I have helped over 1,000 professionals find a new job.

My Talent Attraction business model is to work with one company at a time and charge a flat monthly fee.  This enables me to become part of a company’s team for short or long periods.  Therefore, I know what is going on behind the curtain that candidates cannot see.

I am here to help you further each week.

For more details and for a Salary Negotiation script to accelerate your #Jobsearch, please immediately click on this link to my recent book, Employee 5.0: Secrets Of A Successful Job Search In The New World Order  My book contains the 12 Steps to find a new position in a nice, orderly fashion.  It also has the stories of people who did well – and some who did not. You may learn from both sides.

See you on Fridays!

Coming Soon, my third book on Finding A JobExpect Success!  The Art Of The Over 50 Job Search!

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