#JobSearch #Friday GAMIFY Your Career Search!

GAMIFY Your Career Search! Let’s play and make your search for a new career more enjoyable! Isn’t that a better way to look at your Career Search?

Of course, you are experiencing some fear and questioning whether you will find a new position that was as good or even better than your current or last position.

Let’s take a look at your career search from a different perspective. Remember Tom Sawyer (that’s stretching our memories a little!)? Tom Sawyer did not want to work to paint the fence. He made it look like it was fun – and recruited neighborhood friends to paint it for him – Genius!

What is the Most Painful Way to search for a New Career?

There are frustrating methods for your career search.  Unfortunately, most people pick the most frustrating method – they find positions online and on company job boards. Then they spend the time required to submit a resume. Companies, in their efforts to screen out candidates, require professionals to complete an application. This involves spending more time on that one position – sometimes up to 20 minutes of your valuable career search time. When are they contacted by the potential employer? Only 8% of the time are they contacted by the hiring company who then hires them. Go to Las Vegas and play the slots! They have a much higher payout! (Well, I really don’t want you to go to play the Las Vegas slots instead of searching for a new career – it is my example of a better reinforcement to play)

Last evening, I was on a coaching call with a CRO (Chief Revenue Officer) from Silicon Valley. He found me through networking with someone in Boise, ID who suggested he call me in Park City, UT. We discussed posting to online positions. He is someone who strongly prefers to network into jobs. We discussed how companies treat professionals who submit their resumes on company websites. He agreed, and said, “I learned years ago that is a waste of time!” Then he told me about his experience as a CRO when he recruited excellent enterprise sales professionals. He avoided his company’s human resource department. He found the most qualified candidates through networking. When he hired them, they shared that many of them applied to his position online – and were NEVER contacted.

Taking Charge Of Your Search Is More Fun!

What percentage of my Talent Attraction contracts are found through applying online? You know the answer, Correct? NONE, Nada, Zero. Since 1990 when I started my RecruiterGuy business, Every. Single. Contract was found through referrals. This is a more satisfying way to search because you reach out to people you know who are more than willing to help you.  Why? Because they know you will do the same for them. Connecting with people you know is far more satisfying today since everyone is cooped up in their homes on Zoom or Teams calls. Like you, they long for a friendly, personal call from someone they know or from someone that a person they know suggested they call.

The Career Transition industry (formerly called Outplacement) tracks how people find jobs. Over the past 45 years, 74% to 76% of all positions are filled through networking! Personally, I prefer those odds over submitting my resume online. Isn’t that true for you?

I understand Networking Is Important, How Do YOU Make It Enjoyable?

Networking is similar to any activity. The more often you network, the more comfortable you become as a networker. Remember to help others who network with you. Karma is real.

When you become comfortable networking, meeting new people is fun! 

If you would like to find a new career within 90 days, the statistics demonstrate you need to speak with at least 4 new people daily.

Gamifying Networking!

Many of my clients find ways to reward themselves for successful conversations. Some set a goal to have conversations with two people and then play tennis, take a hike, go skiing, etc. Then return to their phone and have two more conversations. Reward yourself briefly. When you are on a wave, Stay on the wave! This practice breaks up the calls and your exercise helps your brain prepare for the next calls.

As a new recruiter in 1981, I was required to demonstrate that I had 40 conversations per day. Asking you to commit to 4 conversations per day pales in comparison!

While far more enjoyable than posting resumes and completing applications online, networking is more than 9 times more effective to find your new career!

Remember, You have Control of All Aspects of your Career Search when you network your way into a new position.

Networking is the best practice to find a new career!  I wrote my books to duplicate my efforts to assist you in your search. My expert experience as both a Recruiter and Career Coach gives me a perspective few professionals have. My Salary Negotiation script solves that pain point for most job seekers. To accelerate your #Jobsearch, please immediately click on this link to my recent book, Employee 5.0: Secrets Of A Successful Job Search In The New World Orderhttp://amzn.to/2D9w39f  My book contains the 12 Steps to find a new career in a nice, orderly fashion that follows your sales process.  According to a newspaper review, “It is refreshing to find an author who speaks With you and not At you!” It also has the stories of people who did well – and some who did not. You may learn from both sides.

My Talent Attraction business model is to work with one company at a time and charge a flat monthly fee.  This enables me to become part of a company’s team for short or long periods.  Therefore, I know what is going on behind the curtain that candidates and authors outside of my field cannot see.

I am here to help you further each week.  Feel free to click on Follow US and Share at the bottom of our blog.

See you on Fridays!

Coming Soon, my third book on Finding A New CareerExpect Success!  The Art Of The Over 50 Career Search!

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