Career Search South African Trip Series #2

Photo taken by Bill Humbert in July 2023 of Penguin leaving the colony of penguins.

Have You Sent Hundreds Of RESUMES With Few Results?

Is it time to change your tactics? Your Career Search is not easy. Would you like to know a RecruiterGuy Talent Attraction Consultant secret? Even Human Resource job seekers are frustrated when they fall into the trap they created – posting their resumes online and hoping they will be called.

The penguin in this photo that I took in Simon’s Town, South Africa reminded me of you. Break away from the crowd and act differently.

Let’s face it. With all of the marketing for job boards and online submission of resumes, few candidates find jobs by posting their resumes online. The Career Transition (formerly Outplacement) industry tracks how the professionals they coached found their next position. Fewer than 8% of career seekers found jobs replying to online postings. How were they successful? The majority 74% – 76% found their positions by networking.

It is time to act like our penguin! Leave the crowd of career seekers who post and Hope. Become an individual who takes charge of their search. Professionals take responsibility for their search. Their activity determines how quickly they find a new, exciting position!

Great! How Do I Network?

You began networking as a child when you were able to form sentences. For instance, if one of your siblings walked past you eating an ice cream cone, what did you ask? “Where’d you get dat?”

Later, in college, you asked fellow students who were the Best or Hardest Professors. Once you owned a car, you asked where is the best place to service cars.

You have networked since you began to talk – and did not even know it! You are practiced in the art of networking. Networking for a job is simply a new App for you. Does Networking for a job require practice to succeed?  Of course, so did walking.

The best way to network for a new professional position is to speak with 4 or more networking contacts per day. The career search metrics demonstrate if you do so, you will find a new job in around 90 days. My experience coaching Career Search Professionals demonstrates those people who prioritize Networking by making those 4 sincere Networking calls daily are more successful than those Professionals who remain with the crowd of job seekers who try finding a job by applying online.

Act like the penguin in this photo. Break away from the crowd of Career Seekers who expect to find a job online. Networking is more fun and certainly more successful!


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