During your Job Search, the HR department in most companies are not your friend. While there are a few Excellent Corporate Recruiters, most who are hired are administrative staff so they may be “promoted” to staff another Human Resource function.

  1. Why is an Entire Industry Built on Successful Introductions?

Answer this question if you do not agree – Why is there an Entire Industry built on successfully introducing candidates to companies and receiving a nice fee to do so?

Over the years, different companies forecasted the end of the recruiting industry.  Monster was one of those companies (apparently, they did not notice recruiters were their largest subscriber group). Where is Monster today?  When the recruiters left because of the cost of the Monster subscription, candidates received fewer contacts.  Then they left also.

LinkedIn Recruiter sold itself to companies at a nice monthly price (for LinkedIn).  Companies jumped in.  One Recruiting manager proudly told me her department blew its recruiting budget in May with LinkedIn Recruiter. That manager is no longer with that company.

Today, Indeed is the largest job site.  Are you aware that if you apply to more than one job with a company through Indeed, companies may push a magic button that limits your resume to the first position you applied for – never to be seen again?  Clerk mentality.

2. Recruiting Is A SALES Process

See, the core problem is Recruiting is a SALES process (well, so is the Job Search – next week’s Just Saying Thought Leadership).  Organizations typically do not hire corporate recruiters who are sales professionals.  Once hired, they do not pay their recruiters commissions for successful introductions.  Even a small commission would stimulate higher productivity but Human Resource Departments’ blind spot is compensation equity.  They are afraid that a Recruiter may earn more money for their Sales position than a Compensation Specialist.

3. How Do You Determine If A Company Hires Clerks To Recruit?

How do you know if a company hires clerks to recruit instead of Experienced Recruiters?  Simply click on their CAREERS button on their website (Careers is not a priority or it would be a larger font).  Pick any open position.  If the company requires a professional to complete an application before submitting a resume, they are staffed by clerks who shuffle resumes.  That clerk will only submit resumes to managers that the applicant tracking system says score higher than 80% on the keyword match – and some of those words are stupid…

If job descriptions are poorly written (and most are), the company is sourcing the wrong candidates because candidates are tailoring their resumes to the specific Job Description.

4. What Is The Best Way To Find A New Job?

The best way to find a new job is through Networking. According to the Career Transition industry over the past 45 years, great economies and recessions, 74% to 76% of all positions are filled through networking.  Human Resource departments dispute those numbers because they do not understand candidates network with employees in their company. Those employees tell the candidate that the process is for the candidate to apply online.  Then they will take your resume to the manager.

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