Career Search South African Trip Series #1

Image of fog on the edge of a cliff

Do You Feel You Are in a Fog in Your Career Search?

I began thinking of you when I was on top of Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa, and took this photo. On most days, you could see the Cape Town skyline and the South Atlantic Ocean beyond. Not on that day in July 2023.

As a leading Talent Attraction Consultant, my perspective is different than most “Career Coaches.” With 40+ years of Professional Recruiting experience, my experience working directly with Hiring Managers during the Hiring Process benefits the professionals I coach.

Many of the Professionals who have left an organization feel and act like they are in a fog. They may have been caught in a reduction in force with many co-workers also laid off, lost their job because of an error they made, or simply determined that their manager created a hostile environment where the Professional used to love their employment and employer – and had to depart.

In each instance, it was like a gut punch, only this punch impacted their brain and feelings. Their confidence was lowered and they began to doubt their worth.

This happened to me in the 1970s, when I was an assistant Construction Project Manager and was laid off from the General Contractor where I worked. The economy went into a recession where the price of gasoline rose from $.36 per gallon to $1.19 per gallon (YES! It was that low!) and we ran out of projects. I loved my job and company! I know the feelings and the process that it took for me to rise to an even better job with another General Contractor.

For 2 years, while I worked for that general contractor as a Finish Superintendent and later, as a Superintendent on a 120 Apartment and 6 townhouse project, my Project Manager was passive-aggressive. He even intentionally delayed deliveries from suppliers to make my efforts look like I was failing.  I was his second superintendent in 2 years. The first superintendent left suddenly – and so did I.

Both times. I entered the stages of grieving – fear, anger, feeling depressed, denial, and finally acceptance. My fear was that I was out of work. How would we make our mortgage payments? I was angry with my project manager who backed our project into a corner where we would not complete it on schedule, despite my efforts. I was in a “funk” mentally (depressed). Finally, I decided that I would accept my situation – and work to improve it by finding another job in another industry. After trying several industries, I became a Professional Recruiter in 1981 – and found where I belonged.

How Do You Scratch, Claw Yourself Out Of The Fog?

In my coaching and in my 5 STAR rated book, EXPECT SUCCESS! The Science Of The Over 50 Career Search, I suggest that career seekers begin to work on acceptance and move forward in a simple manner.

Take 2 sheets of legal paper (because there are more lines). At the top of one, write Professional. At the top of the other, write Personal. Then create an inventory of yourself by listing all your skills, attributes, and experience successes.

On your Personal list, if you live in Park City, UT, you cannot write that you make the Best Spaghetti (because my Wife of 50 years tells me that I make the Best Spaghetti here!). She does, but I wonder if her motivation is to get me to make spaghetti dinners…

Chances are that it will take more than one sitting to create your lists. Each item that you list, helps you rebuild your self-confidence, step by step. This is an important, positive exercise for you because this is the foundation of your new Career Search.

After you complete your lists (well, your brain plays games with you and sometimes, likes to surprise you with one or two additional skills, attributes, or experiences), wash back through them. Place an asterisk next to the items that you do well, and importantly, ENJOY doing. It is always good to have a friend or loved one look at your lists and suggest new items that you overlooked.

Why not look for a job initially that requires you to do things that you LOVE?

The next step is important because it directly impacts your successful interviews. Write about an experience where you successfully completed a project using one of your skills and/or attributes.

Your format could be to Describe the Problem. Discuss your suggested potential solutions. Then discuss the successful result because of the solution that you (or you and your team) selected.

You are now leaving your Fog. Congratulations! You are progressing in your process to find your next job!

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