Resume Action Verbs
and Phrases

From the book: Expect Success! The Science of The Over 50 Career Search

Creating more interest in your resume

These verbs and phrases can be used to create more interest in your resume.  Once you are interviewing, some of your material on your resume will be the foundation of your interview.  Prepare yourself for your interview by creating true stories that demonstrate the skills in your resume.  Steps 1 through 4 in my Latest book, Expect Success!  The Science Of The Over 50 Career Search, discussed the steps required to create an effective resume.

Obviously, every field has its own jargon, so this list is not complete.  The purpose is to give you a start that will help you remember more specific action verbs that apply to your experience.

The convention in resume writing is to write your sentences in the third person past tense as if you were describing someone else's experience, even your current experience, and then drop the pronouns.  You will note that these verbs are written in the past tense.

Level of Position

These verbs and phrases have been separated by level of position but they are by no means mutually exclusive.  Feel free to draw from each list as needed.

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