The current manager left your company for a new position. The Executives chose to promote a top sole contributor to the Manager.  What happens next?

As a professional recruiter with 39 years of experience with clients, many with names you know, far too often what happens next is they start work – without any management training.

“But We Have Work To Do!”

  • Are the words I hear far too often as the excuse not to provide the new Manager formal management training.

What is the impact on your Talent Attraction program by not providing training to this new manager?

  1. This Manager has not been taught how to effectively interview. Therefore, they have not been trained how to select the best candidate.  They look at their path to a manager – and try to find someone who looks like them.  How does that impact your Diversity Hiring program?
  2. This new Manager liked some of the practices of their previous manager and did not like other practices.  What happens next?  They emulate what they liked; and, try to discard practices they did not like (possibly, the annual review).  Their lack of training and their lack of visibility to management responsibilities while a sole contributor negatively impacts their performance as a manager.
  3. How do they respond to their former peers who are now their direct reports?  Their peers know their new manager’s weaker skills.  If they are jealous of the promotion, they may attempt to undermine their new manager’s efforts.

Those are three areas where an untrained new manager may falter – and all three may negatively impact the attraction of Top Talent.

What Training Is Important NOW?

  1. What are their new responsibilities?  Who is available to mentor them in this new role?   Have they been taught proper goal setting?  Mastering their new role requires training.  How long can you keep a person without training to manage a team before it costs your company valuable employees who report to a poor manager? 
  2. In your company culture, who is responsible for recruiting Top Talent?  Hopefully, not Human Resources…This is the Manager’s responsibility.  Think of University Athletic Directors. They always have a shortlist of Head Coaches if something happens to their current Basketball or Football coach.  Likewise, a top manager always has an eye on top performers in their field and industry. They develop a casual relationship with that person.  They will call them when they open a new or replacement position.  There is Always someone waiting in the wings for that call. This skill requires training.
  3. INTERVIEW training.  Begin with an exercise of the cost of a poor hire to get their attention (it is how I begin).  It is an effective exercise and engages the participants.  Now, they have a reason to become more effective interviewers.  Once they learn the 8 different ways to structure an interview question, and how to determine who else should interview a candidate to help determine their fit, they will be prepared to practice interviewing with a mentor.  Then it is time to train them on proper reference check interviews – yes, that should be a Manager’s responsibility.  Ask good questions to determine fit.

These are just 3 areas where new managers need training and direction.  They want to be great managers!  They don’t know what they don’t know.  Executives know what they need – and in high performing workplaces, Executives ensure their new managers are trained properly.

Great Managers attract and retain Top Talent!

This practice enables your organization to win the Talent War.

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