Just as in football, Recruiting needs a leader. The problem for most companies is the Recruiting Process mirrors the SALES Process perfectly – and they do not realize Recruiting is a SALES Process.  You may see the comparison of the SALES Process with the RECRUITING Process on my website here – www. recruiterguy.com/sales-process-equals-recruiting-process/.

Is the person who is managing your Recruiters an Administrative or Compliance officer – and not a SALES Manager? Most likely.

What Is The Impact Of Administrative/Compliance Leaders In Recruiting?

Too often these leaders do not understand the important metrics of recruiting. They measure “time to fill” instead of how often “Are we recruiting the Best Qualified Candidates?” Of course, time to fill is important, but finding the Best Candidate creates the defining difference in company operations.

Are Sales Managers managing the Sales team that is known as the Recruiting Team? Very Rarely. Generally, the Human Resource Leader is an expert in one or more of the other important areas in Human Resources. They do not understand that working with candidates is not a black and white affair. Recruiting has some black and white moments. More often, Recruiting is full of gray areas because it is a Sales Process.

What Difference Would A SALES Manager Create?

Consider that a SALES Manager would have successful SALES background. They would be able to strategize with their Recruiters when they are working with a candidate who is on the fence about their offer.

A third party Recruiter lives totally in a Sales environment. They do not earn a living unless they successfully introduce candidates to their clients – and the candidate starts with the client. Each candidate is different. Their motivation is different for choosing to interview, selecting a company and position to interview, and deciding to accept or decline an offer. Sometimes, people decline offers for a reason beyond the control of the company or the Recruiter.

Once in my experience, a candidate was a perfect fit for the position. They Loved the company! They felt the Hiring Manager was THE Person who would propel their career forward – and that is what they communicated to me. They declined the offer. I was floored.

My practice was always to pivot, ask the candidate why they decided to decline the offer, and then determine my next questions for them. Never tell them what to do. Always lead them using the Socratic Method in the direction you feel is best for the candidate.

This time, Socrates let me down. Why did this candidate decline? There were Dressage coaches within 50 miles of the client’s location. Their daughter was a Dressage competitor and had Olympic dreams. The nearest Dressage coach was too far away. Their reason to decline the offer was understandable – and outside my control.

How Would A SALES Manager Make A Difference?

In my case, with the Dressage Coach, the manager and I would have discussed the candidate and their desire to find a Dressage Coach. We would get on the Internet to see if any coaches were closer to town. Why take the time and effort? The candidate Wanted to work with my client and the manager. Would the effort be worth it if we could make the candidate’s dreams come true? Absolutely!

The job of a Recruiter is to make people Happy!  Find a way to close a great candidate on the job they truly wanted but were hesitant to make the change. Then assure the Manager they made the correct choice. Finally, the Recruiter makes the candidate Happy at the same time they make the Manager Happy when the candidate becomes a new Employee.

This demonstrates that Recruiting is a SALES Process. You do not close every sale. You work to win.  Accept the losses. Then move on to the next Candidate – and SALE. Become the Quarterback of a Winning Team!

Talent Attraction is Better than Talent Acquisition!

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