My experience is unique. For the past 39 years, I have recruited Top Talent for my clients. On a part-time basis for 25 years, during tough economic times, I coached Executives and other Professionals in their search for a new position. While my Brand is RecruiterGuy, I am legitimately the Candidate Whisperer.

What Do You Need To Know About Top Talent Attraction?

If you are in the C-Suite, Top Talent Attraction begins with you.  You create a culture where your team works. You determine the importance of every position. You create the motivation to succeed for extrinsically motivated employees. The Direct Reports that you hire determine the balance of your team.

Pick up Bradford Smart’s book, “Topgrading: How Leading Companies Win by Hiring, Coaching, and Keeping The Best People”. This is the best book I have read on this topic. I would give it to you, but then I guarantee you would not read it. Pay specific attention to the “A Players” (defined as the top 10% performers). Those are the difference makers in an organization.

Why Should We Hire “A Players?”

Top Talent attracts more Top Talent. They all want to work on a winning team, be paid commensurate with their contribution, and mostly be recognized for their contributions. These employees are intrinsically motivated. In some cases, proper recognition is more appreciated than cash (but cash is still appreciated!). “A Players” love to assist a company in its growth.

Be wary of the “C Player” Managers. They are threatened by direct reports they feel may take their job.  Therefore, they undermine the efforts of Top Performers.  You can watch how they take credit for the work of their direct reports.  Then they will spread lies about their motivation, performance, and even personal lives – all in the effort to protect their own position. If you have a manager who has a history of hiring strong performers, then quickly losing them, it would be wise to consider those managers as better sole contributors.

The better “B Player” Managers may be mentored to an “A Player” level. The worse ones are headed to the “C Player” level. 

Proper Goal Setting Motivates!

The resistance to setting goals within a company is interesting to me. Companies want to refer to goals as “targets”, and other euphemisms. Would you like to attract more “A Players” to your organization? Create Job Descriptions with the 3 month, 6 month, 9 month, and 12 month goals for the first year. Now you understand the perfect candidate’s skills and experience. Far too often, organizations create job descriptions that are too vague.

The result is your recruiters create a pool of the wrong fit candidates. The manager chooses a smaller pool of the wrong fit candidates to interview. The manager offers the position to one of the wrong fit candidates with the feeling “This is the best I will find” – and hires them. The good news is after 2 months to 2 years (and wasted money), the manager finally had it with the employee – and let them go.  Then HR takes the old job description and starts the process again. Does your process look like this? If so, this process costs your organization profit.  A quick perusal of the job descriptions in your current searches will tell the tale.

The key to attracting Top Talent is the Top Talent on your staff. Talent Attraction is a different mindset that Talent Acquisition. Talent Attraction is a SALES Process. Talent Acquisition is an administrative process.

Top Talent Attraction enables your company to win the Talent War.

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The Top Talent Attraction business model is my differentiator.  I focus on one client at a time and charge a flat monthly fee.  This model enables me to attract new talent to your organization while identifying and suggesting improvements to your company’s Talent Attraction process, including Manager Interview Training.

Learn how I coach my Career Transition Clients in my most recent book – Employee 5.0: Secrets Of A Successful Job Search In The New World Order  My book includes an appendix with action verbs and sample interview questions.

I help organizations Recruit, Onboard, Actuate, and Retain Top Talent.

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