With 39 years of Top Talent Attraction experience and 25 years of coaching talent to find their next position, I am the Candidate Whisperer.  I know their thoughts, beliefs, and frustrations during their search.  I also feel their elation once they find a new position.

Recently, I called the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) International headquarters in Virginia.  During the call, I asked the SHRM employee if Recruiting was a Sales process or an Administrative process.  He replied that Recruiting is an Administrative process.  We discussed how the Recruiting process mirrored the Sales process perfectly.  He asked me what I suggest he do.  I replied, “As a SHRM member, I suggest you speak with your manager and tell them what I told you.  If they have any questions, please call me.  SHRM members need to stop treating the Recruiting function as an Administrative function.”  I never received a callback. 

What Some Executives Do Not Understand

Every other Human Resource function is an administrative function.  Why would you expect Human Resources (in most circumstances – there are Great HR recruiters but they are few and far between) to hire sales professionals when their focus is administrative?  Talent Attraction is the most important Human Resource function because People are the Resource that controls All of the other resources.  When companies are great attracting, onboarding, actuating, and retaining the best employees, you will note they are more competitive and profitable than their competition.

Let Us Compare Sales and Top Talent Attraction Processes

1.A. The first step in the Sales Process is to identify a need that the market needs filling.  Once you have identified that product/service/combination of both, you may begin work on a solution.

B. In the Top Talent Attraction Process, your need is a new or replacement Employee.  In many companies, HR opens a new/replacement position.

2. A. The second step in the Sales Process is to create the Solution to fill the need.

B. The Solution in Top Talent Attraction is to create a New Job Description (positions change yearly) that accurately describes the work required for that first year.

3. A. Once you create a Solution, it is important to Source Clients who may need your Sales Solution.

B. In the Top Talent Attraction process, we are utilizing the information from the new job descriptions to Source the best Candidates.

4. A. Your company has identified potential clients for your new solution.  Now, it is important to approach those potential clients to determine if your Solution is viable through Needs Analysis.

B. The Needs Analysis step in Sales is the Interview in Talent Attraction

5. A. Once you and your potential client are sure your Solution will work for them, they ask you for a Proposal.

B. In the Talent Attraction process, this is the Offer to the best candidate who fits your need. 

6. A. Both of the parties in the Sale conduct due diligence.  The client wants assurance the company can deliver their Solution when they say they can.  The company who is selling the Solution wants assurance that the new client will pay.

B. The Due Diligence during Talent Attraction are the Drug test, Background Investigation, and Reference Checks.

7.  A. Once both sides are comfortable with each other, the Negotiation of Cost begins.

B. This is the Compensation Negotiation step in Top Talent Attraction.  Many of the negotiations are similar to the Sales Process, including the delivery date (Start Date) of the Candidate.

8. A. Close the client on the deal for your company’s Product/Service.

B. Close the Candidate on the offer (Sometimes, the Candidate is the one Closing the Deal).

9. A. Delivery of Product/Service.

B. This is the New Employee Start Date.

10. A. Once the Product/Service is delivered, training begins to assist the client on their usage.

B. This is Onboarding for the New Employee where your company may train your new Employee on the Company, Industry, Products, and Services.

11. A. Engage with your Clients. Ensure they are receiving the Promised Benefits of your Product/Service.

B. Actuate Your New Employees.  Discuss their 3 month, 6 month, 9 month, and 12 month goals for their first year.  Remember, a Goal Setting and Achieving Employee is an Engaged Employee.

12. ARetain Clients and upsell them through proper communication.

B. Retain Top Talent by successfully communicating expectations both ways.

Companies Who Follow The Top Talent Attraction Sales Process

Do you feel your company needs to improve your Top Talent Attraction Process?  If so, the easiest adjustment is to follow the suggestions above.  End your frustration with Candidates who do not fit your need or culture. 

Once your Company engages with Candidates and New Employees through the Top Talent Attraction Process, Your company will be more successful and profitable.

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