#TalentAttraction #Tuesday RECRUITING IS NOT MAGIC!

What is Your Experience? Do candidates magically appear? Heck no! Somewhere in the process, there was work involved – and it is hard work. It is always interesting to me that building a business requires effort, but recruiting is expected to be magic. “Well, we opened the position last Tuesday, where are our candidates?”

Recruiting mirrors the sales process perfectly. Metrics demonstrate that in the sales process, a sales professional can expect to make 12 contacts with a potential client before making a sale. Fortunately, the metrics in recruiting can be better. Once a true recruiter begins building a relationship with a candidate, the process may move faster because the recruiter is dealing with the decision maker (unless there is a spouse or significant other – or a horse…).

Since Recruiting is a sales process, fewer than 1% of all third party recruiters (not corporate) remain in the business after 10 years. I am now passing 40 years as a Recruiter.

What Needs To Improve For Most Companies?

Too often, organizations do not understand the importance of an on target Job Description. Let’s look at other industries –

Automobile – Do people in the factories know exactly what type of vehicle to build? They know the model, engine, transmission, wheels, accessories, colors, interior, exterior, and all the different options.

Buildings – are the plans specific? Yes, to the level of knowing exactly where each electric outlet is located, where each HVAC vent is located, within inches where the toilets are located, how many floors with access to them, windows, exterior and interior finishes, etc.

Now let’s look at the equivalent job description – “We are looking for an experienced Accountant with 6 years of experience. We are a great place to work.”

Just as the blueprints and specifications define a building as accurately as possible so the bids and the work are accurate, job descriptions need to describe the position as accurately as possible. This is the foundation of the search. Do you want an experienced accounting clerk or a true accountant who can analyze how money is being spent? The details are important in your job descriptions. Otherwise, your company will hire the wrong candidate.

Once the sourcing identifies potential candidates, the recruiter needs to utilize the job description to determine which candidates are great fits to those who do not fit from a skill and experience perspective. Then the culture screening begins to determine if the candidate fits your company culture. Of course, there is a thin line between culture fit and discrimination, meaning the job description needs to be on spot.

This Is Only The Start Of The Process

We haven’t discussed the interviewing process – has your company formally trained your managers on effective interviewing? A manager who has not been trained to effectively interview certainly has not been trained how to select the best candidate.

Then there is the due diligence of drug testing, background investigations, and reference checks (the best method to determine cultural fit). If your company chose to eliminate reference checks, you eliminated the best way to determine culture fit. Asking if the person worked with a previous employer for specific dates with a specific title is not a reference check. It is a background check. Reference checks are more culture fits –

  1. What frustrates Tom? If the answer is micromanagement, and Tom’s manager tends to micromanage, it is not a good match.
  2. How does Tom show his frustration?
  3. Describe his work ethic.

Those types of work habits and work information determine culture fit. The manager needs to check references because they will receive information from the reference once the reference knows they are speaking with the Manager, not HR.

Oh, and some companies hide behind “Reference Checks can get us sued!” Sorry, everything your company does can get it sued. That is defined as an excuse not to complete the due diligence into the candidate – and it is Very Important due diligence if your company is interested in culture and experience fit. 

Now You Have Received A Peek Into Recruiting And It Is Not MAGIC

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