Is the retention of Top Talent one of your organization’s priorities?  Is the attraction of Top Talent an organization priority?

Managers often ask me why I include Retention of Top Talent as one of the steps in the Talent Attraction process.

Why Include Retention in the Top Talent Attraction Process?

Consider that Top Talent wants to associate with other members of the Top Talent club.  They have their own language.  Their preferences are similar. They want to work on interesting projects.  They all want to be appreciated for their contributions.

Therefore, they will patiently watch and chat with another Top Talent member to see if they remain with the company for more than a year – after the annual review. Yes, Annual Reviews are important!

  1. Give Top Talent the Impact Projects

Employees who are Top Talent producers (Engineers, Sales, Marketing, HR/Recruiting, Finance, etc.) all have one request, “Give me the interesting, challenging jobs.”

They are capable of producing more, selling more, and making greater impacts than many other Team Members.  Top Managers want them on their teams.  Unfortunately, poor managers will do anything they can to prevent Top Talent from succeeding – and “making me look bad.”

Consider the track record of any manager before recruiting a Top Performer to their organization.  Do they promote Talent; or, do they complain or otherwise torpedo their projects or efforts? 

2. Properly Set 3 month, 6 month, 9 month, and 12 month Goals

Top Talent wants to exceed expectations!  It drives them to perform at high levels.  Their gender, race, religion, or age has nothing to do with their desire to succeed.  Obviously, some team members who were told in a previous company they could not perform a task will try harder to succeed in their new company.  Take advantage of these feelings!  Encourage them to succeed because it benefits you, as a manager, and the company.

3. Proper Communication Is Required

Train your managers on how to communicate with their direct reports.  How many times has a sole contributor in your company been promoted to a management position?  Then left to swing in the wind without management training.  It happens all of the time, sadly.

With quarterly goals, conversations with Top Talent should be fairly straightforward. 

“We are excited to have you work on this project.  You are already making nice progress.  What do you feel is your progress on your 3 month goals?  Have you begun preparing for your 6 month goals?  As your manager, do you need me to run interference for you on this project?  Do you have other needs where I may assist?  Feel free to drop by if you need to chat.”

Depending upon the project(s), these conversations should occur maybe twice a month to begin.  Then push back to once a month – unless there is a critical project timeline.

If your organization simply follows these three tips, your retention of Top Talent will increase.  This will be followed by the attraction of more Top Talent who will want to associate with your company.

This practice enables your organization to win the Talent War.

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