Who “owns” the organization’s website?  Typically the Marketing team.  Who owns the CAREERS PAGE?  Typically the marketing team.  The Marketing group listens to the Human Resources Department and creates a Careers Page that mirrors their administrative view of the Talent Acquisition process.

What have Recruitment Advertising firms found?  For every click on an organization’s website it takes a group of candidates to find a list of jobs, you lose half of the candidates.  Let that line sink in…Who are the most valued candidates?  Almost unanimously you will hear company representatives say, “Passive Candidates!”

Who are in that first group who leave if they do not immediately see a list of jobs?  Passive Candidates.  The screening out of Top Talent begins at home.

What Are The 3 Secrets Yo Improve Website Talent Attraction?

How important is Top Talent Attraction to your company?  If you are an Executive who says, “Our talent attraction is just fine”, You do not need to read any further.

If you feel increased productivity and profitability are important, spend 3 more minutes with me.

1. If sourcing and attracting Top Talent is a priority for your company, treat it like a priority on your website.  For instance, take a peek at www.att.com.  Where is the “Careers” link when you page down their homepage? Priority – or not so much?

One of my clients in Silicon Valley in 1999/2000 was in a war to attract the best engineers.  I suggested creating a Careers button above the fold that faded in and out saying “We’re Hiring!”  Our responses increased immediately.

2. When the candidates click on the Careers page, take them immediately to the list of open positions.  They will look at positions whose job descriptions mirror their interests (You may also want to read my Job Descriptions Thought Leadership – https://recruiterguy.com/talentattraction-tuesday-the-lowly-misunderstood-job-description).

3. Finally, applications are important – only in the correct order in the process.  If your company requires a candidate to complete an application before a substantive conversation with a recruiter that develops mutual interest, you are driving away qualified candidates by the dozens.  Why?  Companies and their dependence on Artificial Intelligence to screen out qualified candidates have conditioned qualified candidates to drop out of the process if the professional candidate is required to complete an application instead of simply submitting a resume.  Hourly workers are conditioned to complete applications.

Only require the completion of an application prior to an interview with the manager.  Now mutual interest has been established.

If applied, these 3 simple improvements, over time, will improve your Talent Attraction process.

This practice enables your organization to win the Talent War.

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