Recruiting Employees
Aka, “Talent Attraction”

Win the hiring game - manage your resources and fill your company with the best available candidates.

How to Attract and Recruit the Top 10%

The value, or even purpose, of developing recruitment strategies generally is misunderstood within companies. Many times, companies seem to fail to realize that recruiting is a sales process. As such, it is a dynamic process that should change the instant your competition for talent improves.

What does the recruitment strategy include? As a professional speaker on recruitment topics and expert talent attraction consultant, we ask the following questions:

What can I say. Bill is top notch. When there was a need Bill was the first person I called. His needs analysis, implementation, and follow through are solid.

- Sharon Robertson,
Director of Human Resources at Jackson Recovery Centers Inc

Number 1


What kind(s) of candidate skills do we need? Have we taken the time to brand ourselves as an employer?

Number 2


What are our recruitment processes? Are they efficient/ effective? Does your team see that recruiting IS sales?

Number 3


When did we last examine our recruitment strategies? How does social media recruiting fit into our plan?

Number 4


How strong are our job descriptions? Are they detailed with the quarterly goals for the first year?

Number 5


What is our social media strategy? How can we engage potential employees by creating a social media community?

Number 6


How does our web page measure up? Place your “careers” link and "featured jobs" at the top of the page.

Number 7


Have you considered acquiring a “.jobs” Top Level Domain to point candidates directly to your open positions?

Number 8


Are you satisfied with the level of candidate that we are attracting - and how do we stay on top? What's in the way?

Number 8


Can we achieve our goals by utilizing our staff? Or do we need outside temporary professional recruitment assistance?

Number 10


What is our budget for recruitment? What resources can we utilize to improve our talent attraction strategies?



Contingent Recruiter Pay as you go

Contingent recruiters only earn a fee if their candidate is selected and starts. The good recruiters are aware of your hidden openings and have developed a trusted relationship with you. >> READ MORE


Retained Search Top Level Recruits

Retained search firms typically are used for executive placement. Most have been in business for a long time and are effective, especially when provided with strong job descriptions. >> READ MORE

Cost Effective Savings

Learn more about how you can hire bill as your Contract Recruiter


As a contract recruitment company, RecruiterGuy works on a flat monthly rate. Contract recruiter consultants assist you in filling your full-time employee openings. Typically, we are brought in when a client has multiple opportunities throughout an organization, or one group within a company needs a specific recruiting focus. >> READ MORE

Marketing Suggestions


Have you thought about being an event sponsor? Sponsoring a community event can be a combination of a corporate outing and recruitment. Build community awareness and local support!


Have you ever considered adding two lines at the bottom of one of your marketing print ads? The ad is already paid for out of the marketing budget - and may help that department and others find additional qualified candidates.


Has your company tried recruitment marketing in professional journals? This is an area where you have a very targeted audience. It is also a great place to “piggyback” on a marketing piece.


Airline magazines are a great way to target potential recruits. It’s an effective way to target talent that travels - sales and marketing professionals, consultants, executives, trainers, hospitality, software support, and other professionals.

Bill is a true professional within third-party recruiting. His years of experience qualify him as an expert in consulting, recruiting and training.

- Ellen Small, Founder Proctor Small Associates,
Executive Search Professional,
Experienced Recruiter in Health Care Administration


Your company website is your best opportunity to develop the foundation for your employment branding as an employer. Easy tip: make your “job opportunities” or “employment” pages easy to find!


As a contract recruiter consultant, RecruiterGuy has worked with clients to develop radio spots that can be very effective in attracting passive job seekers - especially during the rush hour drive time. Surprising that it is an effective tool in 2020!


Combined with radio, newspaper advertising can be very effective. Additionally, sending press releases when you are announcing new positions can be a positive addition to your local news!

Recruitment Process


1. New/Replacement Position:

Gain a 3D view of the skills and chemistry required to make your recruiting campaign successful. The needs analysis includes looking at corporate culture, recruiting goals, understanding the team’s needs, and identifying the managers’ strengths and weaknesses’ ability to effectively hire impact performers so that an action plan can be assembled.


2. Create Job Descriptions:

Create meaningful job descriptions. Including the 3-month, 6-month, 9-month, and 12-month goals, along with the necessary skills and experience required to be successful in the first year, sourcing becomes more targeted and effective.



Determine the best way to attract impact performers while staying within budget. A few sourcing options include cold calling, confidential referrals, associations, the Internet (Indeed, AIRS,, CareerBuilder, Dice, local job boards, niche job boards, etc.), your corporate website, college recruiting, and Career Fairs.



Train the hiring manager on how to select impact performers during the interview process. Most hiring managers have never been trained how to interview. If they haven’t been trained how to interview, they certainly haven’t been trained on how to select Impact Performers. We offer them suggestions to fine-tune their interviewing skills with a combination of behavioral and probing questions that are legal.



Important to express excitement with the prospect of extending an offer to the candidate.  Discuss benefits first, especially positive unusual benefits specific to your company.  Then extend the offer.  Send your candidates to my Beware of The Counter Offer link at the end of the conversation and suggest they call you after they resign to tell you how many of the manager quotes they received.



Systemize your due diligence checklist and train your including background checks, drug tests, and reference checks. Many companies complain they cannot find cultural fits. Yet, they do not conduct personal reference checks – the best way to determine cultural fits. Since the hiring manager knows the most about the position, shouldn’t they ask about the candidate’s success in previous jobs? We can train your managers on how to be more effective with reference checks.



Today’s world has become more difficult to determine the proper offer for a wanted candidate. RecruiterGuy knows how to develop a relationship with the candidate to coach the manager on an offer.



Close of the sale on your recruitment process by offering a prospective employee a job. We teach that listening not only to what the candidate is saying but listening to the tenor of their voice can help you overcome objections. Remember, it is essential to be prepared for the counteroffer, and to transform an initial decline to an acceptance.



Start your new employees on a track for retention by setting up a successful first day on the job experience, new employee on-boarding, and realistic short term benchmark goals.


10. OnBoarding:

This is your company’s first impression on your new employees. Do you make a good first impression? Successful on-boarding prevents the costly phenomenon in today’s workforce of poor employee retention.


11. Actuate Employees:

Does your company desire an engaged workforce? Work with them to properly set 3, 6, 9, and 12 month goals. Then achieve them.


12. Employee Retention

Help your employees make positive, measurable impacts – and have fun!